How To Sell Digital Assets: KSBTech Sets Standard for Buying and Selling Digital Assets

From KSBtech to the myriad of pages on Instagram, there are tons of platforms and places on which you can sell your digital assets such as gift cards, coins, tokens and more. But how do you go about it? What must you consider before attempting to transact online? Let’s dive in.

Let’s say you have worked for a company abroad for a while and it’s time to get you paid. Perhaps you’ve helped a student at school with an assignment and they have rewarded you with some digital assets. They send you some USDT, ETH or BTC worth the amount you earned. On the contrary, they decide to send you gift cards of equivalent worth. How do you convert this to cash? 

Well there’s a bunch of things to do to move from gift card to cash or generally from any digital asset to cash.

How To Sell Digital Assets: KSBTech Sets Standard for Buying and Selling Digital Assets

Step One: Find an Exchanger

Anyone can be an Exchanger but it’s important you find one that works best for your niche. Does the exchanger deal on fiat? Or gift cards? Or NFTs? Or coins? 

A simple search on Google will provide you with many options, some of which may be legit and most of which could rip you off. Now that brings us to the next step in all this.

Step Two: Vet the Vendor

For most people, it takes more than just an Instagram account and a bunch of flyers to trust anyone with one’s hard-earned resources. So while vetting, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Are they a registered business?

Do they have a website?

Do they have an app?

Do they have mostly positive reviews on the android and iOS app stores?

Do they have a solid social media presence?

If you answered “Yes” to all of the five questions above, you’re probably dealing with a very good vendor. 

Next is to check out their rates. If their rates are good, you’re good to go. Having a physical address is an added advantage to legitimacy and media visibility is a major plus to their authenticity. Stumbling upon KSBTech on Google and realizing they check all the boxes mentioned above, it was easy for the writer to trade with them successfully.

Step Three: Trade With Them

Having chosen your preferred vendor, start trading with them but by bit. $100 deals to $200 deals and upwards. Once they pay out the exact rate they advertise and in a reasonable timeframe, you can carry out bigger transactions with them. While trading with these companies, observe how swiftly their customer service teams respond and handle challenges. 

In a Nutshell

Regardless of a company’s size, that ability to attend to customers with courtesy and quickly is very vital. It is also important to note that there are some small vendors who have nothing more than an Instagram handle and a WhatsApp number yet they are still legit. But for a starter, do well to stick to the proven ones who meet the criteria stated above just like the vendor of focus in this tutorial.

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