Sample Statement Of Purpose For Computer Science

With respect to applying for graduate studies, a statement of purpose (SOP) is a brief to the point essay that forms a crucial part of your application process. Here is a Sample Statement of Purpose for Computer Science.

Remember it is a Sample Statement of Purpose For Computer Science, hence you are advised not to copy and paste verbatim.

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Respected Graduate Admission Committee;

I received an undergraduate study in Computer Science and Engineering at Pune Institute of Computer Technology, India. I am currently planning to pursue a Master’s program for the Spring ’19 term at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

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In the following paragraphs, I have summarized my areas of interest, educational background, and motivation for graduate study.

At a young age, computers served as the only means of entrainment. So I would often play games, and generate mathematical patterns through BASIC programming. I completed my higher education at Sri Chopra High School, Warangal, India. During which I developed a keen interest in science after attending different techno fests, and science expos. I fell in love with computer programming and decided to study engineering with Computer Science as my major.  I secured 74% marks in 10’Th standard, 86% in mathematics and 83% in my Board of Intermediate at St Thomas Junior College, Hyderabad, India.

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Early in my undergraduate study, I was introduced to basic programming languages like C, C++, and Java. I studied their key features and realized that one was an improvement of the other. Java being the most robust language of all fascinated me. My first computer science project was named “Core Banking”, which basically created an account, assigned account numbers and handles transactions on deposits and withdrawals.

The program was initially written in C++ following the concepts of object-oriented programming but was later modified by adding a GUI interface using Java. During the first two years of undergraduate study, I studied courses on the Data structure and File Systems, Theory of Computer Science, Microprocessor Based Design, Systems Programming and Computer Organization.

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These courses complemented by the laboratory courses helped me gain a strong background in the fundamentals of Computer Science. The course work and assignments helped me develop the required technical and programming skills. During the second year of undergraduate studies, I visited an IT company where I witnessed computers performing several different operations while connected to each other. I further researched Computer Networks and Windows Networking which deepened my fascination with the concepts of Domain, Active Directory, Group Policy and DNS. In the third year of my undergraduate studies, I gained exposure to software networking which actually implements different servers, Distributed Systems especially Peer-to-Peer Systems and Information Security.

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I undertook a project at Galaxie Software Solutions as an intern to design and develop an E-Care system, a Help Desk System. Most of my sessions in the labs were devoted to developing programs on the implementation of connection-oriented and connectionless Echo Servers, concurrent multithreaded File Transfer Server and Chat Server.

My job at Galaxie Software Solutions gave me practical knowledge on concepts such as Java, Oracle, XML, Object-Oriented Design and Programming. I eventually took advanced courses on Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Compiler Design, Operating Systems and Computer Networks. Which helped me in preparing the paper entitled “Cryptography”, I presented at Parikaran 2K7, a National level technical fest in that same year. My final year project entitled “COMPACT-A Flash File System” was sponsored by KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd., Pune.

The main objective of my project was to develop a file system for compact flash media with a compact source code that can be used for embedded systems. The file system was designed to fit different kinds of embedded design requirements. The source code was developed using ANSI C any compiler could be used. COMPACT-A Flash File System was developed into a high-performance library by optimizing its speed, versatility and memory footprint.

The end-user can use this system as a library by adding a path of the executable and using its API for performing various functions on the compact flash. I worked as a teaching assistant at a junior high school in C, C++ and Oracle programming. The teaching experience helped me to communicate articulately and interact effectively with a diversity of peers.

I look forward to building a career in research and making original contributions to my field of interest in computer science. I believe that undertaking graduate studies at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte because of its advanced academic curriculum and world-class research groups would provide me with the opportunity to attend advanced courses.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte suits my research interests. The university offers the best environment for me to achieve my career goals while gaining experience from its diverse student body and faculty. Attending such a prestigious institution would be a great honour to receive high-level education under the guidance of prominent professors and excellent teachers.



This Sample Statement of Purpose for Computer Science is for computer students and other IT related courses. However, students that studied engineering and other relevant courses can also leverage on the Statement of Purpose above.

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