10 Best PhD Degrees For Business

Knowing the best PhD degrees for business and getting the right doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) or other business fields is a good way to advance your career path in business. For anyone whose intention is to advance in business with his graduate certificates, knowing the most in-demand PhD degrees in business is a must. A PhD can open doors to better employment and wage opportunities in business. If you want to further your business career, researching fields that offer very high PhD stipends might help you decide where to focus your studies.

The goal of this post is to provide you with every necessary information you need about the best PhD degrees for business. We also look at the most in-demand PhD degrees for business and the highest-paying Doctorate in Business administration. How to get a PhD in Business and other FAQs on the Best Doctorate Degrees for Business will be provided.

What Is Doctorate Degree?

The attainment of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree represents the pinnacle of academic achievement across all disciplines. PhD programmes are highly demanding and require completion of a master’s degree programme, submission of an application to a specific PhD study course, and approval by the governing body responsible for overseeing the PhD programme.

Individuals who have obtained a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the fields of business, economics, and administration commonly pursue careers in academia, where they instruct students or engage in statistical analysis for prominent corporations. PhD degree holders in business administration or other business fields are highly in demand as they serve to bridge the gap between business owners and their customers.

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Two Types Of Doctoral Business Degrees

Would you prefer to pursue a professional trajectory centred on educating corporate executives or spearheading the expansion of commercial enterprises? Whichever one of these you choose determines the type of Doctoral Business Degree for you. Here are two main types of Doctorate degrees in Business and their suitabilities.

1. Theoretical Doctorate in Business

Pursuing a theoretical doctorate degree in business is a recommended path for individuals seeking to establish a career as a business professor or to engage in research activities that provide support to businesses. This types of doctoral programme place significant emphasis on scholarly research.

2. Professional Doctorate in Business [Applied Doctorate in Business]

These doctoral degrees are occasionally referred to as Applied Doctorates. The doctoral programme in question centres on the practical application of business theory and research to address tangible business problems. If one aspires to pursue a career in business leadership or consulting, then this is a viable path to consider. 

Top 3 Doctor of Business Degrees

Numerous doctoral programmes are designed to facilitate the success of business executives. The followings are the top three prominent Doctor of Business Degrees and the corresponding optimal candidate for each.

1. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA is a doctorate that aims to equip professionals with the necessary skills to effect transformative change through the utilisation of advanced research, analytical, and leadership competencies. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programmes are designed to cater to individuals who are employed and seek to apply their academic qualifications in practical settings.

The world’s economy, government legislation, technology developments, and an ever-evolving workforce are just a few of the main aspects that a DBA will help you better grasp.

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2. PhD in Business Administration

The programme is a theoretical type of Doctoral Business Degree that aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills to conduct original research in the business domain or instruct in an academic environment. The majority of individuals pursuing a Ph.D. aspire to secure a faculty position in a college or university, engage in full-time teaching and conduct independent research.

3. Doctor Of Education In Organizational Leadership (Ed. D)

The Ed.D. degree is a professional doctorate programme that aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to assume leadership and managerial roles in the field of education. By pursuing an Ed.D. degree, one can acquire knowledge and skills to utilise contemporary educational theories and implement them to address the issues within an educational framework, resulting in tangible improvements such as enhancing the quality of schools or expanding educational accessibility.

The essence of this post is to list out some of the Best PhD degrees for business. Most of these Doctorate degrees in business administration DBA are essential to maintain regular carer growth in the business industry.

10 Best PhD Degrees For Business

List Of The 10 Best PhD Degrees For Business

1. PhD Accounting

A Ph.D. in Accounting will provide you with a well-rounded education in several areas of study and help you hone your analytical and empirical research abilities. Learning how to think critically about accounting material and acquiring the necessary skills are the course’s primary goals. The primary focus is on the use of economics, decision theory, and statistical inference to solve accounting problems.

Other topics such as financial reporting, management accounting, corporate governance, and taxation are also embedded in the syllables. A Ph.D in accounting is, without doubt, one of the best PhD degrees in business to improve your portfolio in your business career.

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2. PhD in Economic Analysis and Policy

The doctoral programme specialising in economic analysis and policy is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue research-oriented careers in the field of economics. As you intend to expand your business coast, economics is an important aspect. Getting a PhD in economics is very important. It will increase your chances of employment as a business strategist and earn you high pay. A PhD in economics is one the best-paying PhD degrees and also one of the most in-demand PhD degrees for business.

3. PhD in Finance

Many different aspects of the financial world are examined by those pursuing a doctorate in finance. These include asset pricing and valuation, market dynamics, and the organisational structure and financial decision-making of businesses and intermediaries. It is via the creation of theoretical models and their subsequent empirical testing that questions originating in these fields are probed. The PhD curriculum is built to ensure that students are well-versed in the techniques employed in theoretical modelling and empirical testing.

4. PhD in Business Law

The field of business law is a collaborative sub-discipline within the realm of legal studies that necessitates a comprehensive comprehension of the legal system and a profound awareness of the business milieu. Typically, courses in business law encompass a blend of theoretical and practical instruction, incorporating authentic case studies. A PhD in Business Law will certainly give you a firm foundation in the legal axis of business. Never in doubt, this is one of the most in-demand PhD degrees for business

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5. PhD in Decision Science

Every company has the problem of making prudent business decisions. Improving an organization’s decision-making capabilities is a primary goal of the PhD programme in Decision Sciences. Research in the field of Decision Sciences emphasizes the creation and thorough evaluation of models and procedures to aid in decision-making.  This is one of the best PhD degrees for business you can get.

6. PhD in Marketing

The goal of marketing is to foresee, control, and fulfil consumer demand for goods, services, and concepts. The PhD in Marketing programme offers a highly customizable curriculum to best serve its students. Students engage with marketing professors to craft a curriculum that meets their individual needs and interests while also making use of the department’s offerings and the student’s past education.

7. PhD in Operation Management

This is one of the most sought-after PhD degrees in Business. Production methods are the focus of Operations Management. It involves not just the difficulties of running a single business, but also those of coordinating the operations of several entities. Training students to do original research is the primary focus of the doctoral programme in Operations Management. Some graduates of Operation Management go into consulting or other fields outside of academia, even though the majority of them go into academia.

8. PhD in Organizational Behaviour

In the discipline of organisational behaviour, researchers investigate basic concerns about the behaviour of people, groups, and organisations. Both psychological and sociological approaches are utilised in the research that is conducted within the domain of organisational behaviour. As business involves interaction between one person and another – buyer and seller, one needs to understand how others behave. Hence, to effectively carry out your business dealings at a professional level, getting one of the most in-demand PhD degrees in business (PhD in Organisational Behaviour) is important.

9. PhD in Political Economics

Political economics is an interdisciplinary area of study that centres on the political activities of individuals and organisations. The doctoral programme in political economics aims to equip students with the necessary skills to pursue academic careers in research and teaching. This is achieved through a comprehensive curriculum that emphasises both theoretical and empirical methodologies. Among the best doctoral degrees for business, a PhD in Economics is highly sought after and pays well too.

10. PhD in International Business

The Doctor of Philosophy programme in International Business cultivates the ability of students to engage in analytical thinking that transcends conventional limits, enabling them to effectively evaluate the issue under consideration. There is a wide range of opportunities available in various fields such as teaching, information technology, academia, marketing firms, and others. The course aims to enhance the skills and capabilities of students, enabling them to discover and utilise their full potential in their future pursuits.

Top 10 Schools For PhD Degree In Business

If you wish to get a PhD degree in business but do not know where to start. Here is our list of 10 affordable universities to get your PhD degree. Although there is no specific order for the ranking, these universities offer the best PhD programs. They include:

  • Harvard University
  • New York University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Columbia university
  • University of Chicago
  • Northwest University
  • University of Michigan
  • Dartmouth College
  • University of Virginia
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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