Applying for Student Visa has been one task most applicants wished they could do by themselves. You as a student have wished you know how to apply for student visa by yourself at some point, maybe before an agent/agency helped you. Learning this can also come in handy in teaching your friends and family how to apply for a UK student visa.

Below are step by step guide on how to apply for student VISA

Go to:

This is the official website for the UK VISA application you can access it directly from the link above or you may use google search. When using google search, ensure you are clicking on the right link in order not to be defrauded. To know the site, you can make a search as, “Student VISA UK” as seen below.

Then observe the search results with “”

Applying for a Student Visa to study in the UK is practically for students who are 16 or more and have been offered admission to undergo a course in the UK.

For you to be successful with how to apply for student visa by yourself,

  • You must have enough money to finance yourself through the period of your study.
  • Have a good understanding of English Language, that is, you can SPEAK, READ and WRITE.

This is what the official website looks like

Click APPLY and fill in the details that are required. This is how to apply for student visa by yourself

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