Top Schools For Cheap Online Degrees In The USA

Getting a bachelor’s degree usually calls for a considerable financial and time commitment. Save a lot of money on your college education by attending one of the top schools for cheap online degrees in the United States. Earning a degree online has several advantages, including the flexibility to study at your own pace and avoid wasting time and money on daily commutes.

The schools we’ve included below are some of the cheapest accredited online colleges for online degrees in America. They offer affordable online degree programs, making it possible for students to earn a great education without breaking the bank.

What Is The Cheapest But Best College For An Online Degree?

The colleges and institutions listed below are among the greatest and least expensive in the United States and the world. They provide high-quality education at reasonable costs. However, the ideal university for you will be the one that best fits your needs and ambitions.

To choose the right college, think about your career goals, how fast you want to enter the profession, and how much time you have available to study. These last three considerations are the factors to consider when choosing an online college for an online degree. They are discussed in detail below.

How To Choose An Online School For Cheap Online Degrees: Factors To Consider

Although online education has been around for a while, it has only recently become a viable option for many students. This highlights the role that technology has played in reducing tuition costs and expanding access to higher education. Finding a college that is both inexpensive and allows for concurrent income is crucial in light of the current economic climate. Hence the following factors are essential for consideration when choosing the cheapest accredited online colleges.

1. Is The College Accredited?

Some graduate schools will only accept applicants with bachelor’s degrees from institutions with appropriate accreditation if they intend to continue their education. Accreditation for a particular program or department may be sought if that field is to become the student’s primary focus. Also, ensure that the online school has proper accreditation before enrolling in a degree program.

2. What Is Your Schedule? –  Time

Another factor to think about is how long you are willing to devote to your degree pursuits. Find an expedited curriculum that will get you through school and into the workforce faster if that’s your goal. The most beneficial online degree program is the one that fits your lifestyle and professional objectives. You should evaluate your current time obligations, both academic and otherwise, before beginning any online course.

3. Why Do You Need The Degree?

The next thing to think about is why you’re getting a degree. If you plan on continuing your education past the bachelor’s level, an online school with a strong emphasis on research may be the best fit.  Be careful to look into the available specialties at each school of interest if you have a particularly specific profession in mind.

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List of Cheap Universities in the USA Offering Online Degrees

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees can be earned entirely online at a variety of foreign colleges at cheap and affordable prices. Then what are the world’s finest online educational institutions with cheap and inexpensive online degrees?

1. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University is a global leader in online education, providing students with the opportunities to obtain a variety of degrees, from a certificate to a doctorate, completely online. Because the university is a part of the statewide Affordability Counts initiative, students seldom have to pay more than $20 per credit hour for required readings and other course materials.

Location:  Boca Raton, Florida       Tuition Fee: $105/credit                   Official Website

2. Great Basin College

Students from all around the world can enrol in Great Basin College’s online certificate, associate, and bachelor’s degree programs. The only prerequisite for any of GBC’s online courses is an internet connection; none of them needs students to physically attend class. Among the notable programs available are those leading to a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Services, Land Surveying, or Digital Information, as well as an RN-to-BSN degree.

Location:  Elko, Nevada       Tuition Fee: $120 – $193/credit                    Official Website

3. University of Florida Online

UF Online gives prospective students a lot of options for how they might get their education started. Asynchronous learning allows students the flexibility to study full- or part-time without compromising on the quality of their education. New students who have already attended college may be eligible to acquire transfer credit toward a degree.

Location:  Gainesville, Florida         Tuition Fee: $129/credit                    Official Website

4. Brigham Young University

Students can enrol online and complete their degrees without ever setting foot on the Rexburg, Idaho campus. This is because the vast majority of the programs do not need any sort of physical presence. Programs leading to certificates, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees are available in areas of study such as business, technology, communications, health sciences, family studies, and professional studies at BYU – Idaho.

Location:  Rexburg, Idaho               Tuition Fee: $135/credit                    Official Website

5. The University of West Florida

Programs at the University of West Florida can be completed entirely online. These include a certificate program, bachelor’s to master’s and doctorate. Depending on the curriculum, many students may be able to work at their own speed while others will be required to participate in live, online sessions at predetermined times. Areas of study include nursing, public health, education, technology, business, and psychology.

Location:  Pensacola, Florida           Tuition Fee: $219/credit                    Official Website

6. Bellevue University

When looking for affordable online education, consider this college. At Bellevue University, students have the freedom to tailor any of the best online degree programs to their specific goals and learning methods. If you need some more help, Bellevue offers online tutoring and a library of helpful films to watch.

Location:  Bellevue, Nebraska         Tuition Fee: $275/credit                    Official Website

7. Western Governors University

Western Governors University is widely recognized as one of the best online universities in the United States, particularly among mature students who are committed to their education. These students will benefit from WGU’s innovative approach to education, which rewards students who put forth the most effort. WGU provides motivated students with the opportunity to achieve a bachelor’s degree in a short amount of time and at a low cost through its online platform.

Location:  Millcreek, Utah.              Tuition Fee: $276/credit                    Official Website

8. Purdue University

The vast majority of courses offered by Purdue University may be completed fully online, with no campus visits necessary. Certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees are all available to study online at Purdue University. Some of Purdue Global’s degrees involve attendance at live, online sessions, however, this varies per degree.

Location:  West Lafayette, Indiana             Tuition Fee: $280/credit        Official Website

9. The University of Illinois Springfield

For more than twenty years, the University of Illinois Springfield has provided courses via online learning to students all around the United States. More than fifty-degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels are available entirely online from this university.

Prospective online students can make use of UIS’s free self-assessments to identify whether or not they are suited to study remotely.

Location:  Springfield, Illinois                      Tuition Fee: $312/credit        Official Website

10. University of Wisconsin

The current number of available online programs at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay is 14 for undergraduates, 7 for graduates, and 4 for professionals. Sustainable development, crisis management, data science, business administration, accounting, and nursing are just a few of the disciplines available to the university’s online students.

Location:  Green Bay, Wisconsin                Tuition Fee: $335/credit        Official Website

Other Universities On The List of Best Affordable Online Colleges Include:

  • Eastern New Mexico University
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • University of California, Los Angeles 
  • Fayetteville State University
  • Louisiana State University
  • Southern Utah University
  • University of Texas at Austin –
  • Florida International University
  • Central Methodist University
  • Ohio University-Main Campus


There are a lot of advantages to getting your degree online, such as the flexibility it gives you to work from home and set your own hours, as well as the time and money you’ll save on commuting and other forms of transportation. The universities that are listed above make affordable online degrees readily available to students who are interested in obtaining a high-quality education at a reduced cost. Students who are seeking inexpensive online degrees need to look no further.


Are Online Degrees Worth It?                                   

Although the value of any degree is based on the student’s specific needs and aspirations, many students find that earning a degree online is worthwhile.

Are There Financial Aid For Online Degree Studies?

Yes, Those who choose to pursue their education at an online institution have access to different types of student financial assistance opportunities. These include:

  • Federal Aid for Online College: Grants and Loans
  • State Aid for Online College: Grants, Scholarships, and Tuition-Free Community College
  • Scholarships for Online College: Awards Based on Merit
  • Employer Assistance for Online Colleges: Tuition-Reimbursement Programs

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How Much Does An Online Degree Cost?

The average cost of attending a public four-year university inside one’s home state in the 2020-21 academic year was $9,375, or $37,500 for a full four-year program, as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Are Online Schools A Cheaper Option?

The time and money savings compared to traditional classroom study can be substantial. With so many options, it may be more cost-effective to get a degree online than on campus.

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