Top 10 Reasons Why Your Australian Student Visa Was Rejected

Are you curious as to why your Australian student visa got denied or refused when you applied? I know it will be devastating to receive a refused visa notice from the Immigration when all your hopes and dreams were wrapped up in the decision. So I assumed it’s best to reveal the most common reasons why your Australian student visa was denied.

Reasons for most Visa rejection

Every year, thousands of international students come to Australia, however, the process of obtaining a student’s Visa is quite challenging. This will rely on your home countries assessment level and your choice of educational institutions and the personal circumstances of each particular student.

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria was placed as an extra safeguard to assist Immigrations to determine a real student over somebody simply eager to move to Australia or wanting to leave their home country. GTE was designed as a guide and can’t be used throughout the student visa application.

The reasons listed below can provide you with some attainable indications on why your student visa could also be refused from Immigration:

1. The applicant failed to meet the living price criteria.

Unable to fulfill the living price criteria might be the explanation of why your student visa being denied or refused. This criteria states that you ought to have spare funds to pay for your course fees, travel and living costs for you, and your related  members of the family whereas you’re in Australia.

When choosing a sponsor for the higher assessment, the sponsor should provide at least a minimum of 3 months of previous bank statements before the lodgment of the application for a student visa.

The sponsor should be a direct loved one for the scholar visa. If you do not give this proof or data together with your application or after you are asked to do so by your intelligence agent, your application could end up with a refused visa.

2. Big gap of Unemployment or Education

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You could even have your student visa denied if it features a huge gap of unemployment or education. Some students fail to give enough proof to demonstrate why they may not get employment in their country of residence or for why they stopped studying and wish to continue that now.

3. Being unaware of their Course Program

Some cases of student visa denial starts from the person’s own mental capacity. If the student isn’t responsive to their course of study in Australia with the educational institution or university, or if the scholar throughout the phone interview with the intelligence agent from Immigration, cannot explain what they want to study, why they wish to study the course or they could not address any questions asked by Immigration.

This would lead them to assume the student will not need to take the course seriously.

4. Questionable motives to study in Australia

Be careful with what your partner or relation says during inquiring interview process. Because their answer might determine whether your student visa will be denied or refused.

If the student’s partner or relation is enclosed within the application and however, during the interview, the spouse boldly states “I want to accompany the student in Australia while they are learning and that I will then work.” This may have the intelligence agent check out an attainable denied visa for the student’s visa with the over-dependent partner or spouse.

5. Providing a fraudulent or bogus document.

If you offer Immigration a dishonest or counterfeit document, this could qualify you for the general public interest criteria PIC4020. An example of this might be after you attempt to alter the figures on your revenue enhancement or wage data and thought that Immigration won’t notice or verify it – you would be completely wrong.

Every document you submit will undergo their integrity check. If the details or data you provided were found to be different than what they found, expect a denied visa, though you will be asked to supply comments by the intelligence agent during a limited period of time.

6. Choose an unrelated program to their existing qualifications.

The chosen course program the person needs to undertake in Australia won’t relate to the prevailing qualification or expertise of the student or if a serious career amendment is sought after by the student. You could have a refused visa if you choose a course that wasn’t credible enough to satisfy the intelligence agent from Immigration.

For example, you’ve got a bachelor’s degree in Management and have worked for several years during this field and suddenly you wish to pursue another Bachelor of Accounting in Australia.

7. Didn’t answer the embassy or immigration intelligence agent requests

When you don’t answer the requests of the embassy or Immigration intelligence agent, regarding additional documentation or information. Or you didn’t complete your medical examination to continue the assessment of your student visa application. This would mean you probably did not offer enough information.

8. You’ve got no concrete future plans with regard to studying a course program in Australia.

Application for Australian student visa does not offer applicant the opportunity to appear before the embassy in order to express their views in an interview with the interviewer, hence it is the applicant duty to convince the visa officer through his statement of purpose by demonstrating that their aim to study in Australia is genuine without involving any form of criminal intent, as negligence of this could cause visa refusal.

9. The student didn’t offer proof of their German proficiency.

If you scored below a 4.5 overall in your IELTS test and didn’t retake it, or your test was 5.0 overall but you took it 3 years ago. Both of those can lead to a denial from Immigration for your student visa. As you’re needed to possess an appropriate score.

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10. Failed to meet health requirements.

The student didn’t meet the health necessities required for the visa for temporary entry to Australia. These medical examinations and x-rays are conducted by specific panel doctors chosen by Immigration. If you do not meet the wants for the exam, this might be the explanation your visa was refused.

The level of health communication you want to bear depends entirely on these factors: the activities you intend on doing whereas in Australia (such as entering a classroom), your intended length of keep in Australia and your country of residence before coming into Australia.


Defaulters of any of the above-listed points tend to be punished by denying them entry into Australia by refusing their Australian student visa application. However, it is imperative that applicants strictly adhere to those points.


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