The Best Yoga Training Schools In Australia (Cost, Duration and Style)

This article contains a collection of the best Yoga training schools that might interest you if you’re planning on learning yoga in Australia. The list is complete with information on pricing and duration.

1. Rainbow Yoga

This training school offers a three-week immersion in Paradise one which is 25 minutes drive from Byron Bay. It’s heaven on Earth for free-spirited, conscious living and mindfulness. Life is a Līla, a play that must be performed with a playful attitude.

With the sole mission of bringing people together, this program/course blends sustainable life with recreational play and fun movements. Expanding wide enough to include all aspects of yoga, extracted from the very roots.

Surrounded by the most amazing view of nature in this private valley, you will enjoy organic, handpicked pure vegan food from lovely gardens, natural hot tubs and private swimming holes. This school provides space for artsy and colourful people who besides learning the essentials of Yoga, are thinking of something different in their classes like spicing up their teachings with dance, music or acrobatics in a big live playground.


Full cost: $5,995 (Early bird and payment plans are also available.)


Full time – 3 weeks


Rainbow, Vinyasa

2. Krishna Village

As one of the best Yoga training schools, this little village from ISKON offers the next level of spiritual experience for persistent practitioner seeking to humbly embody yoga. If you are totally new to the world of yoga, this place promises to take you on an enlightening adventure.

The days spent in the farm will be replete of DIY workshops, philosophy talks, karma yoga activities, and poojas amongst other spiritual practices. Here you would learn the true Yoga from Krishna Consciousness, Bhakti yoga and asana besides all the other theories.

You can expect to enjoy fresh vegetarian meals handpicked from the organic farm in the most serene environment to nurture yourself. The school also has volunteering spots available. More like a life-changing experience than any other regular training course.


Varies between AU$ 3695 to AU$ 5595, depending on accommodation (camping, dorm, twin share or single room). Payment plans are also available.


Full time – 6 weeks


Mostly vinyasa

3. Fire Shaper

According to Buddha, “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” This quote refers to the journey of a yogi. For a yogi, life is a fire test. In such a fire shaper, the trainers know how to work hard to transform your self and dissolve the Ego through extreme techniques like hot yoga.

With four studios in Australia, the school hopes to succeed in helping people breakthrough from personal, physical and emotional barriers, in order to become the best version of themselves. By teaching their own signature series, IGNITE which is an evolution of the Bikram series.

The instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of core postures, sequencing, and deep alignment. The programs begins with a 4-day immersion followed by weekend workshops and then regular classes during the week.


Full price: $4200. Early bird: -$500!


Part-time – Over 4 months (4 days immersion + 7 weekends)


Hot Vinyasa

4. Yoga Social

This school opens its doors to infinite possibilities to help you begin your yoga career. By giving you the tools needed to become a skillful yoga teacher, from classical Hatha to restorative. The school excels in molding every aspect of their future teachers into a refined voice of experience.

You essentially will learn in-depth philosophies and the history of yoga for proper alignment and modifications with the respective knowledge of anatomy.

The courses in this program are delivered in a playful yet professional way which enhances students to interact with each other and hands-on coaching.


Early Bird – $3000. Full payment – $3500 which includes $200 deposit. Payment plans are also available


Part-time — Weekends over the time frame of 5 months.



5. Byron Yoga Contre (One of the Best Yoga Training Schools in Australia

Established in 1988 by John Ogilvie, this school is one of the longest running yoga teacher training centres in Australia with program courses in Melbourne, Sydney and Byron bay.

The first of the three parts of this course starts six weeks before the residential part, you get to study in your home at your own pace with Skype supervision, online exercises, readings and videos that will prepare you for the real deal. This makes you knowledgeable to start the second part which includes a 12 day intensive residential of self-practice and mentoring.

The third part of this program encourages you to start teaching in the school’s public classes within 8 more residential days. Byron Centre has many flexible learning options and modules to deepen your teaching skills besides the 200H, 300H and 500H. International students can qualify for a 1-3 year student visa.


$4800 including all meals and 19 nights in the quad, share room w/ shared bathroom. Earlybird – $4700 with a deposit of $600, payable on registration.


Full time – 12 day or 20 day residential plus online self-study.


Mostly Vinyasa

6. Power Living

With courses available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, this school is really interested in boosting your personal transformation. Their program course follows a simple pattern which is easy to integrate due to the natural order of the concepts and methodology.

You will go through three modules, starting with a foundational core program that involves observing deep analysis of asanas and alignment, the history of yoga and ancient texts and absorbing all the skills to prepare a class.

After a one-week immersion retreat in Bali for self-practice and yoga embodiment, the assisting module will require you to begin the teaching and interactively give/receive feedback from your colleagues.

On completing all of the three you will have been through the theory, the practice and hands-on coaching; leaving you fully prepared to start your own teaching career.

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From $3,499 with 10% discount to members. Early bird runs in every course. The full tuition cost also includes Power Living manuals. Payment plans are available upon request.


Intensive – 1-month immersion. Part-time – 3 months


Hot and non-heated Vinyasa, Yin

7. Body Mind life

Featuring spacious, airy and naturally illuminated studios in Bondi Beach, Surry Hills, Potts point and Redfern, where sacred geometry has been used on the architecture to provide a very harmonious environment in the space. Whether you are a busy bee or a free spirit, a yogi or a newbie, this as one of the best Yoga training schools has a path for you and your lifestyle.

It delivers full time or part-time courses both to advance your practice and inspire your transition from student to certified teacher. They have teachers experienced in every subject covered in the program, therefore guaranteeing the best perspective and skillful guidance throughout the whole learning period.

Their part-time program starts with a kick-off at Tallow’s beach which is a green beautiful beach houses complex at Arakwal National Park.


$3395. Early bird prices are available


Full time -1 month Part-time – 8-day retreat plus 5 month



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