Top Universities In Canada That Do Not Require IELTS

For studying abroad, the candidates need to do IELTS first. There is an opportunity without an English Language course. Canadian universities have found that students who have completed their degrees from a well-recognized educational institution and have received their instructions in English often show a good degree of English knowledge – be it in reading, writing or communication skills.

Hence, they felt it made more sense to do away with the requirement of an English language proficiency test like the IELTS exam which has a minimum score requirement of 6.0, to make it easy for students to apply for higher education in Canada There are many universities which are offering study in Canada without IELTS.

A study visa is the easiest for Canadian Student that needs permanent residence after study. Some university in Canada offers admission without the IELTS and if the steps are properly followed, admission into the desired college or university in Canada is guaranteed.

Some Top Canadian Universities and Colleges that do not require IELTS

This Universities and Colleges offer ESL Courses along with your desired program. Below is the list of those universities and colleges where you can avail of this facility. As the first step for Studying in Canada without IELTS, you have to find Canadian schools that accept international students without IELTS in their institutes.

A list of those Universities and colleges is the following and you can apply for any of these by checking their programs:

  • Concordia University
  • Memorial University
  • University of Regina
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Carleton University
  • Brock University
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Seneca College, Toronto
  • Cambrian College
  • Okanagan College

The above-mentioned universities allow you to get admission to their campuses without having IELTS. In some cases to meet language proficiency they demand proficiency tests and in some cases they require IELTS and IELTS certificate with a good IELTS score or language test.

Will The Visa Be Issued If IELTS Scores Are Not Provided?

This is one of the pertinent questions that are been asked by the international applicant on getting a Visa with IELTS.

Canada has introduced new student visa regulations that not only help ensure that international students genuinely study in the country’s universities, but also provides them with certain levels of work permit. For example, earlier on, it was considered students only needed to show an intent to study in Canada, now they need to prove their enrollment in a college that accepts international students to be eligible for a visa.

Hence, to be noted that students applying for visas without providing IELTS scores need to ensure their entrance into the university of their choice that does not require the IELTS papers. While the college of their choice does provide them with a letter of admission, students may provide supporting documents to prove their English language proficiency when applying for a student visa.

What’s more, students can now no longer stay on a study permit beyond 90 days (3 months) of completing their course. This is to ensure that students do not switch to short-term programs after registering for a long-term degree course.

Such moves with strict regulations are set to help Canadian authorities control the inflow of study permit holders unwilling to pursue studies, and instead ensure that genuine students are issued student visas. This move is expected to help Canada weed out educational institutions of poor quality and offer high-standard education to international students seeking quality degrees in the Institution.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers(FAQ).

Question: Is the Canada student visa without IELTS from Pakistan requirements the same as other Canada visas?

Answer: WSL Consultants clear them that document requirements are almost the same. For Canada Student Visa and other kinds of Canada Visa.

Question: What is the process required by students to obtain Canadian scholarships?

Answer: Scholarships for students in Canada are easily available to all those students who apply there. The process of each university differs from another. You can always check the criteria for the University of your choice above.

Canada scholarships for Pakistani students, the criteria are the same for all over the world students. For more information, you can visit their university websites also.

Question: Can a student Study in Canada without IELTS after matric?

Answer: Yes, after matric students can get admission and can study in Canada without IELTS. They have to complete Grade High school in Canada which is equal to grade 12 in Pakistan. Upon completion, they become eligible to get admission to any Canadian college or university.

There are some other concerns by Canadian immigration and the government of Canada that if you are under the age of 18 (18 or below), you are a minor and not an adult. It is the Canadian government’s responsibility to take care of the international minors who came into their country to study.

To study in Canada without IELTS you have to take a guardian and your parents have to make a legal agreement with someone in Canada to become your guardian/custodian if you don’t have relatives in Canada that might be a bit challenging for you to get a custodian.

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