Best Business Schools in Germany

Are you looking for the best business schools in Germany? Then peruse through this article and discover the list of the Best Schools of Business Studies in Germany.

Choosing a university can be tough for prospective business students and requires a lot of thought, you want to have an enjoyable university experience. This also offers you the best chance of graduating with a first-class degree. So for this reason, Germany is the place to go to.

Why You Should Study in Germany

Germany is home to a number of the most effective business colleges around, three of which feature in the Financial Times top 100 rankings and offer over a hundred business courses worldwide.

Germany is full of world-class business schools renowned for being a number of the foremost prestigious, so if you want to study business-related courses, Germany may be a good location to enhance your knowledge.

It has recently revolutionized its education system, getting up-to-date with the newest and most innovative teaching methods and techniques, hiring well-known professors from all around the world to teach their field of expertise.

Why You Should Get A Business Degree in Germany

Getting a business degree in Germany could be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make in your life and career. In a recent survey, German business school graduates rated that the extent of problem-solving and analytical skills was supported within each course.

In addition to the present, there are also subject-specific criteria e.g. language coaching and also the courses offered within the target language within areas of English Studies/American Studies and Roman Studies, the program offers field trips for history students and the quality of methodology coaching for science students.

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Find the Best Business Schools in Germany below as we have collected and verified various universities. We are therefore confident in delivering an accurate look into some of the best business schools you can attend in Germany.

List Of The Best Business Schools In Germany

If you have considered studying any of the business courses in a business school in Germany, doing research about the best universities or colleges that offer these business courses would be a good idea. In this post, we have compiled a thorough list of the best universities that offer business studies in Germany. This list is based on the most popular and most recent university rankings in the world. According to QS World University Rankings, and other popular ranking sites like the Global University Ranking by U.S. News, Financial Times and the Economist.

In no specific order, the list of the best business schools in Germany is presented below.

  1. Cologne Business School – CBS is one of the Best Business Schools in Germany

CBS is definitely one of the best choices for students who want to excel in the business field. It is a renowned educational institution especially in the field of research. In fact, within the year 2011, along with Dr Juergen Meyer Foundation, they have developed a research program that is focused on business ethics.

Because of the many awards and recognitions received by Cologne Business School – CBS, the school is considered as one of the most qualified and excellent schools for business studies in Germany, particularly once it involves their master’s degree programs.

As one of the best business schools in Germany, the Cologne Business School offers students a supportive teaching approach. Students have a handful of options to seek extra materials and help when they fail to catch up with regular classes and course contents.

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  1. Mannheim Business School

Rated as the best grad school in Germany by the Financial Times with shut links to a metropolis, Mannheim Business School was founded in 2005. They strive for the best research and teaching especially in management, plus aim to be fully international, with links to some of the best Business Schools in Europe, Asia, and North America.

The university focuses on research methods and techniques. It allows the students the opportunity to develop their own projects and execute them successfully. It has a large student body comprising of students from around the world. This gives room to a large number of students clubs and organizations.  The Mannheim school of business studies is one of the best schools of business studies in Germany as a result of the world-class modern facilities it houses.

  1. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The number three on our list of best business schools/schools of business studies in Germany is the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Frankfurt faculty of Finance & Management is a research-led grad school, covering each facet of the business, management, banking, and finance.

An impressive portfolio of programs – starting from degree courses to Govt education schemes, from analysis, comes to practice – means Frankfort faculty acts as an advisor, catalyst and educational partner to corporations and organizations, to people embarking on new careers, and to intimate executives.

As a medium of intellectual and sensible activity, the grad school formulates forward-thinking solutions for the worlds of business, finance, and management, wherever agendas and problems are perpetually dynamic.

They aim to create relations between their students and businesses/potential employers, which has led to their reputation of constantly placing graduates in finance-related roles. Being in Frankfurt – the financial capital of Germany – conveys further the benefits of this location.

The scientists and specialists engaged in analysis and practice at Frankfort faculty are exploring the foremost crucial economic problems with our time: a way to finance bold climate-change programs, achieve a level enjoying field in international commerce, offer universal tending, construct confidence within the monetary business, offer troubled people in developing and rising economies access to monetary services.

Frankfurt faculty is actively concerned in fashioning and optimizing the interfaces and channels of communication that sustain business, society, government and analysis. With a real focus on finance and consulting, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is a leader as far as business schools go in research.

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  1. European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin

ESMT was established twenty years ago and is placed within the heart of Germany, Berlin, therefore students can take advantage of the great transport and business links the capital has to offer. ESMT may be an extremely recommended grad school usually showing in world rankings and is devoted to leading Europe to be a competition within the worldwide economy, often through relevant research.

  1. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

One of the world’s oldest and Germany’s oldest business schools, HHL opened in 1989 and is often acknowledged as one of the best business schools in Germany. With over one hundred and twenty university partners across the world, HHL offers a programme allowing students the opportunity to visit different universities.

Furthermore, the quality of teaching and the ability to educate effectively has recently been commended. HHL Graduate school of Management, at one time, referred to as Handelshochschule graduate conjointly remains one in all the country’s leading management establishments. Global partnerships and International competence are some of HHL’s key assets.

HHL Graduate school of Management maintains exchange relations with about a hundred partner universities reaching from Australia to Uruguay. HHL’s faculty offers a wide range of expertise and provides state-of-the-art management education on a very high level.

The distinguished full-time school is supported by international guest professors United Nations Agency offers our students sensible insight into current best practices and coming trends. The faculty’s analysis aims at supplementing teaching and is often cited in prestigious economic journals and newspapers.

What Is the Best Place to Study Abroad?

  1. WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

The WHU ranks among the best schools of business studies in the world not only the best business schools in Germany. It is one of the highest best hundred colleges/graduate schools in the world and because the third best business school in Germany. WHU spans two locations housing students in both Vallendar and Düsseldorf.

Moreover, WHU has a great track record of getting graduates placements after university, while graduate salaries post-WHU education have also increased. Students at WHU are also offered the opportunity to take advantage of many exchange and international programmes worldwide. this is due to a large number of partner universities.

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