Why You Should Study In Australia

The decision to study abroad is a huge one because so many things come with such a decision. Both the good and the ugly. Apart from the guarantee of a better life and quality education studying abroad offers, the thought of leaving your family and friends behind also come up. You will also be paced with the challenge of choosing where and what to study. This is one of the reasons why you should study in Australia.

For so many international students who choose to study in Australia, they may have some reasons. These reasons are not far from some of these – top universities, incredible nature and breath-taking landscape, vibrant cities, easy access to student visas, several oceans. As mentioned, Top universities, incredible nature, vibrant cities, and several oceans are just some of the reasons why many international students choose Australia to study.

The Australian Government offers international students room to express themselves freely. Studying abroad especially Australia can be very daunting at times, but it is rewarding in so many ways. It has a huge reward in terms of education and personal development.

Why You Should Study in Australia

Have you ever wondered where to study abroad? Read down to the last word of this article “Why You Should Study in Australia” and maybe you would find your answers.

When some people think of Australia, what they have in mind are wide open spaces of outback bush, kangaroos, koalas, as well as clean air and water. Australia has much more to offer than you may imagine. Many international students choose to study in Australia because of its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system, and a high standard of living.

After the United States and the U.K., Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students within the English-speaking world. A number of international students choose to study in Australia because of cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education.

There are things to consider when deciding to study in any country. If you are looking for a country to go to for international studies, you should consider Australia. Why? Here are some reasons why Australia is one of the best places to go for international studies.

  1. Top-Quality University

In Australia, international students are given a diverse variety of choices. As a home to over 40 universities, Australia presents international students with a wide variety of universities to choose from. Australia offers both quality and quantity in terms of university. About six universities in Australia rank among the top 100 in the world.

Universities in Australia also offer a wide variety of courses and degrees. International students can easily choose any school and field that they deem right. Hence they choose between vocational education, universities and English language training. This is a reason why you should study in Australia.

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  1. Cultural Diversity

The diverse culture in Australia is one of the reasons why you should study in Australia. These cultural varieties that abound in Australia make it possible for international students to step out of their comfort zones and feel relaxed. There are so many benefits associated with living in a multicultural setting. These benefits include attending public international celebrations and the chance to learn different languages.

You might say to yourself, “I can know a different culture and new, interesting people anywhere, and I don’t have to go to Australia for that.” You are not wrong, but you won’t regret having met Aussies and having been part of the Australian culture.

Don’t be surprised if everybody is informally talking with you right from your first meeting. It is entirely normal to call everybody by their first name, even your boss or the doctor. In case they don’t know your name yet, then they will call you “mate.”

Australian people are known as friendly, open, and relaxed. This means that you can easily make friends with anybody. Almost 30% of the people living in Australia are immigrants, which contributes to the cultural diversity of the country. You can find various cultural elements from several European countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Croatia, and Italy.

There are also many people from Asian countries such as China, India, and the Philippines who live in Down Under. You should study in Australia to get to know the Indigenous Aussies, known as the Aboriginals, and their unique cultures and mindsets.

Do you want to eat something Australian? Try Crocodile, Kangaroo, and Emu – guess what? This kind of meat is available in supermarkets. According to a number of food experts, it has less fat and is healthier than other types of meat.

  1. Breath-taking Landscapes is one of the reasons why many international students choose Australia to study.

Australia boasts of a beautiful landscape. You can find more than five (5) different climate zones on this part of the continent. Some areas of the rainforest and areas of the Great Barrier Reef are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

By choosing Australia, you will have several possibilities to travel around the whole country during your studies. You can easily explore by skiing in the southeast mountains of Australia or be more adventurous and explore the jungle. You can also try one of the most famous sports in Australia, which is surfing on the coast. The coast of the mainland cover over 36,000 kilometres and features almost 11,000 beaches.

During your studies, you may not even be able to visit all the beaches of the country. Surfing is very common in Australia, and so is the traditional game of Cricket, which has been played for more than 150 years. This is one of the reasons why many international students choose Australia to study.

  1. Diversity of Education

Australian institutions offer a wide range of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the school and field that are best for them. The first decision that an international student has to make when choosing a degree program is which of the schools caters most to his/her needs and interests.

Students can pick between universities, vocational education, and English language training. If necessary at all, it is easy for students to move from one qualification level and/or institution to another.

Australia is said to have one of the best educational systems in the world. Based on the University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds, Australian universities such as the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Sydney are among the 50 best universities in the world.

Guess what? Australian universities are always welcoming to international students. Melbourne doesn’t only offer one of the best universities in the world but is also, according to the Student City Ranking of Q.S., among the five (5) best student cities worldwide in 2017. Here is another reason why you should study abroad in Australia.

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  1. Easy Access to Student Visas

When compared to other countries, it is reasonably easy to get a student visa to study in Australia. International students coming to Australia can join the “Overseas Student Program.” However, remember that you have to meet the requirements to get a student visa. Accessing official documents always involves dealing with bureaucracy.

First, to apply for an Australian student visa, you have to present a Confirmation of Enrollment in a study course at your selected Australian University.

Secondly, you must be able to show that you have enough financial support for study fees, living costs, and departure.

Thirdly, you need to have a certificate that demonstrates your English skills. Lastly, you need different insurances, like health insurance and liability insurance. This may sound like a great deal of effort. Still, luckily, in Australia, the process of getting a student visa for international students is relatively easy.

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  1. Global Recognition

Graduates from Australian universities are highly sought after owing to the remarkable international reputation of the Australian educational system. The government carefully regulates this system to maintain the high standards of education in the country.

  1. Better Cost of Living

Australia’s standard of living is fairly better. Living expenses and tuition costs are quite lower in Australia than they are in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. International students can work part-time while they study, enabling them to offset their living costs. Also, there is the possibility of scholarships, which help to lower the cost of schooling for international students. This is top of the reasons why you should study abroad in Australia.

  1. Improve Your English Skills – Why You Should Study in Australia

While studying in Australia, you will get the opportunity to improve your English skills. As English is the official language of the country, you will communicate in English with everyone everywhere you, whether in the supermarket, in your free time, or at the university.

You will even become across the English media such as magazines, newspapers, movies, and T.V. series, which are in the English language.

All organizational activities or tasks like applying for the university and visa, signing any rental contract, registering at any new city in Australia will be done in English. What all this means is that living and studying in Australia is one of the best ways to learn the English language, as you’ll continuously experience it in your everyday life.

After two or three years in Australia, you will definitely be fluent in understanding all slang, dialects, and accents of English from all over the world. In fact, your ears will become trained for and familiar with weird accents.

Australians, or Aussies, are known for their love to shorten words. It is said that there is no other English speaking country with more abbreviations than the Aussies. Here is an example of how some Australians speak: When you go to play footy (football) with your cobbas (friends) in the arvo (afternoon), take care that you’re not bitten by mozzies (mosquitoes).

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  1. Easy Access to Internships/Jobs during and after your Studies is another reason why you should study in Australia

Easy access to jobs is also one of the reasons why you should study in Australia. During your studies in Australia, you can easily find a job as a student. As an enrolled student, there are many opportunities for you to work. With the Australian Student Visa, you can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester.

During the semester breaks, you could go for full-time jobs. You can find part-time jobs that connect with your studies, e.g., in agencies or companies. If you want to make money without gaining study-related work experience, you can apply as a retail assistant, a waiter, or a promoter.

Search for student jobs, with your Student Visa, you have to apply for a Tax File Number online. This TFN is crucial to getting paid!

After your studies in Australia, you have a higher chance of getting a job. If you choose to return to your home country, your employer will surely be impressed by your Australian degree. Your future boss will likely see that you can communicate in English and get along within the work environment. He/she will be happy about the excellent education and the skills you have gained from your university studies in Australia.

However, if you choose not to return to your home country after your studies, you could then apply for the “Temporary Graduate Visa.” This lets you work in Australia for a period of 12 more months, even after you have graduated from your major degree course. In other countries, such as the U.S., it is far more challenging to get working permission after your studies.  However, the situation is much better in Australia.

  1. Vibrant City Life and Wildlife

The location of Australian Universities and colleges in both rural and urban areas distinguishes Australia from other countries. This is one major reason why many international students choose Australia to study. International students who study abroad in Australia travel to a number of neighbouring cities at ease. The cities present the students with terrific experiences such as sightseeing from the spectacular Sydney beach to the Quirky Shopping Boutiques in Melbourne.

Also available for the international students to keep their eyes busy is the wildlife in Australia. Australia is known as one of the countries with the most diverse wildlife. The students can choose to visit some wildlife parks as well.

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From the above, it is evident that Australia is an excellent option for international education as it is highly beneficial and conducive and is the more reason why you should study in Australia

Many people have authored and published many books as a guide to international students in Australia. Some of these publications include “Studying in Australia: A guide for international students” published on https://www.researchgate.net/

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