What Is A Nanodegree And Why You Should Study A Nanodegree

In this century, technological innovations have undoubtedly overrun every sector. It has engineered the rapid growth of every economy in the world. Hence people venture into studying technology-driven courses to meet up with these innovations. Hence you may ask, What Is A Nanodegree And Why You Should Study A Nanodegree?

Studying nanodegree courses like data science, robotics and artificial intelligence has become the latest trend. Richard N. Clarke in one of his researches opined that Several ICT-based education and training innovations, such as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and nanodegrees, promise to expand STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics) availability and reduce training costs

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What Is A Nanodegree?

It is an online certified credential program that enables students to acquire specialized skills in different fields associated with computer science. The major computer science areas covered in nanodegrees include Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Programming etc.

They are designed for computer professionals who seek to improve their already acquired skills or seek to learn new advanced skills. These skills when they learn them will improve their already existing skills and equip them with what it takes to work with the recent technological advancements.

The difference between nanodegrees and other academic programs is that while other academic programs can be online and offline i.e., on campus, nanodegrees are only available online. This is an advantage because you can access these courses from anywhere you are.

Another advantage is the method of teaching. The use of recent teaching methods such as presentations, audiovisuals, projects, case studies, experiments, test cases, etc makes students quickly assimilate what they are taught.

Is Studying Nanodegree Worth It?

Absolutely a Yes!!!

With the above advantages listed above, there is no need to say that it is not worth it. If you are a professional who seeks to get more accomplished, then studying nanodegree is definitely worth it.

What Determines The Value Of A Nanodegree?

Nanodgree is very useful and its value is determined by getting the following

  • Skills
  • Community
  • Employment
  • Credential

How Long Does It Take To Get A Nanodegree?

Generally, takes about 6 months to 12 months. Although factors such as the program of study and the online platform that offers the nanodegree program affect the duration of this program.

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Why You Should Study A Nanodegree

The reasons why you should study a nanodegree are many and the benefits are what you should consider. Hence, the following can do justice to your question, why should you get a nanodegree.

  1. Employment

The primary reason for every academic endeavour is employment and an improved pay package. Getting a nanodegree is a way of career advancement through employment. If you are looking for employment in a technological sector and it seems not forthcoming, then getting a nanodegree could be the best way.

Nanodegrees equip you with employability skills that are highly sought after by employers.

  1. You Will Learn From Professionals In The Tech Industries

Another reason why you should get a nanodegree is your exposure to professionals who will guide you through rigorous pieces of training. The courses are taught by experienced data scientists and other IT professionals. This means you will learn what you paid to learn. There is value for money.

  1. You Will Earn Relevant Skills

Nanodgrees pay attention to what matters and not what seems to matter. Unlike other academic programs that touch across irrelevant topics, a nanodegree pays specific attention to relative skills. There is no room for other unnecessary lectures and syllables. You get to learn solely for the skills you paid for and be sure to get the skills that you seek.

  1. Nanodegrees Are Important To Tech Industries

As a certified program, getting a nanodegree will serve as an attestation for your ingenuity in the tech industry. It will become a boost to your resume when you submit it to giant tech companies and organisations.

  1. It Makes Change Of Career Easier

You can easily switch from one career to another. Hence a nanodegree is for the computer professionals who are seeking a career change. Also, those in the tech companies who want to change from one sector can easily get it to facilitate their change.

  1. It Is Online

If you are the very busy type, then a nanodegree is what you should go for. As an online program, you can learn from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Amongst the major reasons why you should study for it, this seems to be the best.

No matter how busy your schedule is if you are the 8:00hrs – 17:00hrs job type, which means you are busy at all times, it is for you then. Nanodegree studies are quite flexible and less stressful.

Where Can I Study For Nanaodegrees?

As an online program not many online platforms offer nanodegree programs. The best nanodegree programs and courses are offered by UDACITY

Top 4 Udacity Nanodegrees

Here are the top 4 Udacity Nanodegrees you can go for

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analyst
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Deep Learning

What Is The Cost Of A Nanodegree?

Just as the duration of a nanodegree depends on the platform that offers it, and the type of program you intend to go for. The cost of a Nanodegree also depends on the above factors and finally the duration of the program.

On this note, at UDACITY it is about $400 monthly. This means that a 12-month nanodegree will cost about $4,800 while a 6-month nanodegree costs about $2,400.

Where Can I Work With A Nanodegree?

With a nanodegree, you can venture into private enterprise or get hired by any of the top tech giants like

  • Google
  • Meta (Facebook Inc.)
  • Twitter
  • Binance
  • Microsoft
  • GitHub and so on.


Having read about Nanodegrees and why you should study a Nanodegree, the benefits it brings are worth the resources. The major benefits are the ability to secure employment and online availability. Although these benefits come with getting a nanodegree, it doesn’t solve all problems. Ensure you acquire the requisite knowledge and skills not just the certification to empower yourself.

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