Best Online Sociology PhD Degree Programs

Pursuing an online Sociology PhD degree is a major commitment. It is also worth it if you want to make an impact in academia, government, industry, or nonprofits as an authority in social dynamics. The advent of online education has made it possible to pursue higher education even if you have a busy schedule.

Earning a doctorate in sociology online will allow you to hone your research skills while delving into the complex ways in which people behave and interact in social and work settings. With many Online Sociology PhD specialization options, students can focus on a variety of topics, such as urban planning, governance, racial equality, family dynamics, healthcare, religion, and more.

In this blog post, we will explore the top online sociology PhD degree programs, taking into consideration factors such as the best accredited online sociology PhD, program quality, and relevance to professional careers. Whether you are already working in the field or seeking to advance your knowledge and expertise in sociology, these programs offer a flexible and reputable path to earning your doctorate and becoming a leader in the field.

How Much Does Online Sociology PhD Cost?

The average price of an online sociology PhD is $100,000. Generally, there are differences in the cost per credit hour for a sociology doctorate online. The average range for the best Online Sociology PhD per credit hour ranges from a minimum of $250 to a maximum of $2,500 or more.

The different ranges in the cost of an online Sociology PhD per credit hour can be attributed to various factors. Some of these factors include but are not limited to: the type of school/institution, program duration, the method of programme delivery and location.

It used to be impossible for graduate students to finance a PhD degree in sociology, but because of the rise of online sociology programmes, that’s no longer the case. Because online sociology PhD programmes are still uncommon in comparison to on-campus options which have some PhD Stipends with them, many students do not know the requirements for an Online Sociology PhD Program.

What Is The Duration Of An Online Sociology PhD Program?

Generally, earning an Online PhD in sociology can take 3-5 years of full-time study. Some students may need more time than others to complete their dissertations after completing their regular curriculum. Doctoral programmes in sociology can last beyond five years, depending on some factors such as:

  • Choice of Institution/College
  • Type of Program – Full-time or Part-time
  • The time taken by the student to complete his/her dissertation

Online Sociology PhD Requirements For Admission

The process of gaining entry into a PhD programme in sociology may be quite competitive. To acquire your PhD in sociology online, you will often be required to demonstrate your capabilities by submitting documents such as the following:

  • Submission of a Formal Online Application
  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Transcripts
  • Recommendation letters from previous professors/lecturers
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume or curriculum vitae that shows your educational and work history as well as study plans

All these are the most common requirements for an online sociology PhD Admission. It’s important to research the specific admission/entry criteria of each institution offering a doctoral degree in sociology online. Although the majority of the accredited online Sociology PhD programmes have the same rudimentary admissions requirements.

What Courses Are Covered In An Online Sociology PhD Curriculum?

The online sociology PhD curriculum is divided into three major components, namely:

  • Foundational Sociology Courses (Coursework)
  • Sociology PhD Dissertation
  • Oral Defence

These three major activities must be completed with a written examination to certify you as a PhD holder in Sociology.

To successfully complete an online doctorate in Sociology, most (if not all) of these courses are covered in the Sociology PhD curriculum:

  • Criminology/Criminal Justice
  • Social/Sociological Theories
  • Political Science
  • Race and Racism
  • Social Science Research Methodologies
  • Urban and Rural Sociology

These are the most common online sociology PhD courses offered by most accredited sociology schools.

Accreditation Of Online Sociology PhD Degree Programs

The significance of quality and credibility cannot be overstated in the context of locating an online doctoral programme in sociology. Proper accreditation is a crucial characteristic of the most exemplary online doctorate programmes in sociology.

Getting an accredited online sociology PhD is a must if your certificate would be recognized globally. Hence, there are two major types of accreditations to be considered if you have an interest in pursuing an online PhD in Sociology

1. Institutional Accreditation

Online doctorate programmes must meet rigorous standards set by accrediting institutions. If a graduate school is accredited by an agency recognised by the U.S. Department of Education, it means that its online PhD programmes meet those requirements.

2. Programmatic Accreditation

Programmatic accreditation is another important factor to think about when choosing an online doctoral sociology programme. Some people in your field, including potential employers, may investigate your degree’s legitimacy by looking for this specific accreditation.

Why Study PhD Sociology Online?

Online PhD programmes in sociology provide students with many advantages and possibilities for furthering their education and careers in the subject. The following are some of the many positive reasons/why study PhD in sociology online:

1. Flexibility and Convenience:

The ease and adaptability of online PhD programmes in sociology make it possible to study for your degree while juggling other responsibilities, such as employment or family. You may study whenever it is convenient for you and at your own pace because your homework and tools are available online

2. Tailored Curriculum:

The curriculum of many online Sociology PhD programmes is specifically designed with working professionals in mind. Courses are meant to build on students’ prior knowledge and experience to better prepare them for the workforce or further their research

3. Advanced Research Skills:

Whether done so on campus or remotely, a PhD in Sociology places a premium on honing one’s research abilities. Classes in areas like data analysis, statistics, conducting interviews, and writing research papers are available through a variety of online education programmes. The ability to critically analyse data and draw meaningful conclusions is crucial for success in sociological research

4. Specialization and Focus

Students enrolled in online PhD programmes in Sociology typically have the opportunity to specialise in a subfield of the field. Urban planning, politics, healthcare, family dynamics, racial relations, and faith may all be areas of expertise. Being able to focus on a particular topic enables in-depth research and knowledge acquisition

5. Diverse Career Opportunities

Obtaining a doctorate in sociology may lead to many different job fields. Many sociology majors go on to become professors or researchers at universities or other academic institutions, but graduates can also find work in government, nonprofits, and the private sector.

In conclusion, earning a doctorate in sociology online allows you to pursue a variety of professional paths, as well as provides you with valuable skills like research and critical thinking. Earning a PhD in Sociology online can set you up for success in a variety of fields, whether you want to teach, conduct research, consult, or work in any other capacity.

The above reasons why you should study PhD in Sociology online can also be seen as the benefits of an online sociology degree.

Best Online Sociology PhD Degree Programs

Best Online Sociology PhD Degree Programs

Thanks to the rise of online doctorate programmes, it is now feasible for graduate students to obtain a PhD in sociology at a reasonable cost. There are fewer online sociology PhD programmes. Here are the Best Online Sociology PhD Degree Programs.

1. University of Michigan

To earn a doctorate in sociology at the University of Michigan, students typically need to put in a total of three years. Its one-of-a-kind structure allows it to cover a wide range of topics, including law, economics, history, anthropology, and political science. The University of Michigan provides sociology majors with access to a variety of online PhD programmes that focus on certain areas of study.

2. Capella University

The PhD in Human Services programme provided at Capella University integrates fundamental courses with elective options, specialised areas of study, research seminars, and comprehensive dissertation preparation. The online sociology PhD Degree program encompasses a wide array of resources, including virtual simulations that replicate real-world scenarios, which can be utilised by students to gain practical experience relevant to their future endeavours.

3. California Institute of Technology

It typically takes three years to finish an online PhD in Sociology at the California Institute of Technology. The Online Sociology doctorate structure makes it well-suited for discussions on legal, economic, historical, anthropological, and political topics. Students are strongly urged to get an early start on their research projects and to make connections with faculty members who can assist them in securing employment once they graduate.

4. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University provides a wide variety of online PhD programmes, including some with sociology specialisations. It is the oldest scientific establishment in the United States of America. It’d be interesting to note that, ever since it was founded, Johns Hopkins University has been regarded as a pioneering educational institution due to the unconventional way in which it combines research with classroom instruction.

5. Wilmington University

If you are a doctoral student interested in social science, you should check out Wilmington University’s innovative Prevention Science programme. The Sociology program at Wilmington University helps students recognise and assess the myriad of social, economic, and physical dangers that threaten them and their families. All lessons are delivered digitally, and students can set up virtual study spaces of their own or join those already in existence.

6. John Hopkins University

Its unique approach to combining research and education has made Johns Hopkins University a forerunner in the academic world ever since it opened. At Johns Hopkins University, students can choose between two accredited PhD degree programmes in sociology: the Programme on Global Social Change (PGSC) and the Programme on Social Inequality (PSI).

There is also an interdisciplinary programme that brings together statistics and other quantitative methods with sociology. Globalisation, diversity, political reform, and linear models in the social sciences are just a few of the topics that can be explored depending on your area of interest.

7. Colorado State University

Colorado State University’s PhD in Sociology programme allows students to focus on a variety of subfields. The PhD in sociology degree at Colorado State University allows sociology students to apply social theory and research methodologies to address pertinent issues within the higher education context, such as inclusivity and equitable admissions practices.

8. Louisiana State University

The online doctoral programme in Sociology at Louisiana State University provides a comprehensive curriculum. This curriculum covers various aspects of sociology such as theoretical frameworks, practical applications, research methodologies, and analytical tools.

Louisiana State University is a vast, all-encompassing institution that provides its students with a wide variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular options.

9. University of Tennessee

A doctorate in sociology at the University of Tennessee is divided into many fields and subfields such as Criminology, Political Economy, Environmental Sociology, and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. To obtain a PhD in sociology, the curriculum is equally split between graduate-level education and research for a dissertation.

Best Online Sociology PhD Degree Programs Rankings

Best Online Sociology Universities Rankings

To rank the best online sociology PhD programs, we are going to look into various factors which must be considered when choosing the best Online University for a PhD in Sociology online. The major factors which play a prominent role in the choice of School for an online doctorate in sociology are institutional and programmatic accreditations. This means that the underlisted universities are the Best Online Sociology degree Programs having met the accreditation requirements.

The best online sociology doctorate rankings are done based on the institution’s influence, acceptance rate, student-to-faculty ratio and tuition. Hence in no specific order, here are the best schools to study PhD in Sociology Online.

Best Online Sociology Universities Rankings Based on Influence

  • Arizona State University
  • Colorado State University
  • Louisiana State University
  • Northeastern University
  • Purdue University
  • University of Arizona
  • University at Buffalo
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Missouri

NB: The above ranking is based on alphabetical order and nothing more.

Best Online Sociology Universities Rankings Based on Acceptance Rate

  • Texas Woman’s University    96%
  • Utah State University          93%
  • Colorado State University      90%
  • Arizona State University       88%
  • University of Arizona          87%
  • University of Iowa             86%
  • University of North Texas        81%
  • University of Missouri           77%
  • Louisiana State University        71%
  • University at Buffalo        70%

The Texas Woman’s University has the highest acceptance rate with almost 100% acceptance rate while the University at Buffalo is the lowest-ranked affordable online PhD degree in sociology program based on an acceptance rate of 70%.

Most Affordable Universities For Online PhD Degree In Sociology Rankings [Best Online Sociology Universities Rankings Based on Tuition]

  1. Texas Woman’s University          $5,112
  2. The University of North Texas     $6,350
  3. Utah State University          $6,534
  4. The University of Georgia     $8,878
  5. Louisiana State University       $9,132
  6. Purdue University                $9,718
  7. University of Missouri            $9,950
  8. The University of Iowa            $10,432
  9. Colorado State University         $10,834
  10. University at Buffalo             $11,310

Best Online Sociology Universities Rankings Based On Student-To-Faculty Ratio

  • Purdue University       13 : 1
  • University at Buffalo     14 : 1
  • Northeastern University    14 : 1
  • University of Arizona         15 : 1
  • University of Iowa        16 : 1
  • Colorado State University      16 : 1
  • University of Georgia           17 : 1
  • University of Missouri           18 : 1
  • Arizona State University       18 : 1
  • Utah State University       19 : 1


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