Best Paid Chemistry Summer Internships Abroad In 2023 (Updated)

The ability to secure a chemistry internship in any part of the world can be less daunting because chemistry is a discipline that is practised all over the world. It is therefore possible for students to obtain a chemistry internship in practically any country. The list of the Best Paid Chemistry Summer Internships Abroad provides students with the opportunity to venture outside of their comfort zones and take part in exciting new adventures.

The decision to pursue an internship abroad adds great value to the students studying chemistry. When students return from their internships abroad, they will have a deeper interest in the topic of chemistry. This comes with a more global perspective and a more well-rounded understanding of both their personal and professional life.

The employment market is quite competitive after graduation for those who majored in chemistry. There is no alternative to a Chemistry internship overseas when it comes to gaining the kind of practical experience that may put one ahead of their contemporaries in the profession.

Benefits of Chemistry Summer Internships Abroad

  • It allows Chemistry students to learn about the core professional ethics in a chemistry laboratory.
  • The intern gets the opportunity to travel to a different country where he can learn a new language and culture.
  • It presents the chemistry interns with the opportunity to work in a professional environment that is vastly different from what they are used to.
  • Chemistry internships abroad improve your ability to communicate with people from other countries.

Where Can I Work As A Paid Chemistry Summer Intern Abroad?

Chemistry is not rocket science, this means that wherever you are, any time, any day, chemistry is chemistry. The same principles that work in your home country will definitely work in your internship destination except in rare cases (variables). Therefore, the daily activities of a chemistry intern will look fairly consistent regardless of the location.

Factors such as the sector of the chemical industry in which you choose to work may have no significance. In summary, the question of where can I work as a paid Chemistry summer intern abroad and the duties of a Chemistry intern include but are not limited to the following:

  • Chemistry Interns Work In The Laboratory

Interns spend a lot of time in the lab, keeping tabs on the automated operations and recording their findings. They need to get together with their assigned research teams and compile a summary of their findings. It is of common opinion that classroom knowledge among recent graduates is dropping, therefore combining your academic lab skills with an internship overseas is a terrific approach to standing out as a candidate.

Students and recent graduates of chemistry programmes are in high demand by the pharmaceutical sector. They conduct research and development on chemical pharmaceuticals and test them on living organisms. This is done to determine how to get the desired therapeutic effect with the fewest possible adverse effects.

  • Food And Beverage

The food and beverage industry is another popular internship destination due to the need for in-depth chemical expertise to ensure the safety of newly introduced goods.

  • Polymer Industries

There are also some special chemical areas, such as those involving chemists in the oil and petrochemical industry, the paint and plastics sector, and many bulk commodity chemicals businesses. Interns might be hired by any of these subfields to help with crucial lab work and other responsibilities. Chemists are essential to the success of every industry that deals with chemicals, from the gas you put in your automobile to the cleaning supplies you use.

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How To Apply For The Best Paid Chemistry Summer Internships Abroad

You need to do some digging to find the best possible summer internship programmes for you to participate in. This is a prerequisite for seeking paid summer internships in Chemistry. Here are the actions you need to do to get into the top-paid summer internships in chemistry and chemical sciences.

You may either fill out the application online or download a copy to fill out offline and submit it.

Upon Request;

  • Produce a cover letter and send it in
  • Provide academic records if requested.
  • Cover letter for an internship

What Are The Best Paid Chemistry Summer Internships Abroad?

In the following paragraphs, we are going to be listing the ongoing Best Paid Chemistry Summer Internships Abroad. Check out the eligibility criteria to apply: GoodLuck!

  1. Graduate Medicinal Chemistry Internship At Bristol Myers Squibb

Location: San Diego, CA

Estimated Pay: $57,000 – $79,000 a year

This position will be located in either San Diego or Redwood City and will be in the department of Medicinal Chemistry. The primary responsibility of this position will be to develop new organic reaction methods and technologies. These will enable the progress made in the field of medicinal chemistry projects currently underway.


  1. Graduate Medicinal Chemistry Internship At Bristol Myers Squibb

Location:  San Diego, CA

Estimated Pay: $53,000 – $72,000 a year

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s team aims to enhance patients’ lives via scientific discoveries. Each of our passionate employees contributes to advances in cancer, haematology, immunology, and cardiovascular disease, and we have a broad and promising pipeline.

This post is in Medicinal Chemistry in San Diego or Redwood City. This role will create innovative organic reaction techniques and technology for medicinal chemistry applications.


  1. Intern – Process Pathfinding and Chemistry At Micron

Location: Manassas, VA

Estimated Pay: $47,000 – $70,000 a year

An internship with Micron’s Process Pathfinding and Chemistry group will provide you with hands-on experience in a cutting-edge field of semiconductor process technology development. The creation of cutting-edge memory devices and technologies. You’ll gain expertise in semiconductor processing by studying the design and synthesis of precursors, thin film deposition, and related processes, materials, and structures.

Within a multidisciplinary team setting, you will seek to improve your knowledge of materials and electricity in order to enhance electrical performance and dependability.


  1. Chemistry & Sensory Summer Intern At Firmenich

Location: San Diego, CA

Estimated Pay: $44,000 – $60,000 a year

Firmenich needs a summer intern for their San Diego R&D team. The Chemistry and Sensory Summer Intern will help with research by participating in a variety of activities. Firmenich interns manage individual research projects under the leadership of Firmenich’s professionals. Interns will report findings after three months.


  1. Industrial Chemist Intern At Bayer

Estimated Pay: $40,000 – $56,000 a year)

Location: Muscatine, IA

Bayer is a group of dreamers who are committed to making “Health for all, Hunger for none” more than a slogan but a reality by tackling the world’s most pressing health and food issues. This is done with enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and undying commitment, soaking up the varied worldviews of people around. There is a plethora of benefits to becoming an intern at Bayer.


  1. Research & Development Internships Summer 2023 at Sasol

Location: Louisiana

Estimated Pay: $30,000 – $41,000 a year

The Lake Charles Chemical Complex in Westlake, Louisiana, is delighted to announce that Sasol Chemicals Americas will be providing Paid Chemistry Summer Internships opportunities within the Research & Development department during the summer of 2023. We encourage individuals who are enthusiastic, active, and competent to submit their applications for consideration for this amazing job.


  1. Analytical Chemist Intern At Syngenta

Location: Greensboro, NC

Estimated Pay: $31,000 – $40,000 a year

Syngenta believes every employee can help feed the world and protect the earth. The Analytical Chemistry team is looking for an intern to plan and conduct lab experiments under the guidance of an Analytical Chemist to develop analytical methods to measure active ingredient concentrations in complex formulations, understand active ingredient solubility in a variety of solvents, and understand proper HPLC column care and restoration. As a Syngenta intern, you’ll work on actual projects with some of the industry’s sharpest brains.


  1. Quality Control Internship At Colas

Location: Cape Girardeau, MO

Estimated Pay: $29,000 – $36,000 a year

Colas USA subsidiary Delta Companies Inc. specialises in asphalt paving and road building supplies in Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas. Diverse aggregate sites, asphalt plants, a liquid asphalt terminal, and local construction offices service multiple transportation infrastructure demands. We collaborate with clients to create safe, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions.

This programme will work on projects to Inventory Chemicals, Update Safety Sheets in 3E Online. Other projects will include working with samples of polymer and asphalt.


  1. Intern Research At Scripps Research

Location: La Jolla, CA

Estimated Pay: $26,000 – $36,000 a year

Scripps Research is the world’s most innovative institution. Their training programmes turn brilliant undergraduates and postdocs become top scientists. The institute’s five academic research departments cooperate with the Scripps Research Translational Institute and Calibr to combine biology, chemistry, and computer science with translational science to generate pioneering medications and breakthroughs in digital and precision medicine. If you want to make a difference, join our team.


  1. Chemistry Intern At Dyno Nobel

Location:  Carthage, MO

Estimated Pay: $20 – $22 an hour

In the field of commercial explosives, Dyno Nobel is recognised as a frontrunner on a global scale. We serve chosen customers in the Asia Pacific region, as well as those in North America and Australia, by delivering cutting-edge blasting solutions and high-quality explosives supplies.

As an intern in the Chemistry lab, you will obtain experience in the manufacturing industry by collaborating with the Lab Chemist, Operations, and Management, as well as completing predetermined tasks and putting your degree to use.



Interning overseas is a great opportunity to gain professional experience and broaden your horizons all at once. The experience of undertaking an internship in chemistry in a nation other than your own will broaden your understanding of the discipline, provide you with fresh insights into chemistry, and prepare you to tackle future academic and professional challenges.

Graduates with a chemistry degree can move on to a variety of different careers, including the highly competitive fields of medicine and veterinary science, or pursue advanced study at a graduate level. A chemistry major can go straight from college to graduate school without ever having to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. As a result, adding a chemical internship abroad to your CV and developing laboratory skills would be tremendously beneficial. Many companies in the academic and professional disciplines that are linked to chemistry look for interns who have gained international experience in their field and who speak a second language.

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