What is required to Study in Indonesia?

Recently, Indonesia has turned out to be a place for educational tourism. This is not just because it serves as a general tourist attraction. With quality facilities and institutions, Indonesia stands out among equals in attracting foreign students. You may be wondering or asking, what is required to study in Indonesia?

Why study in Indonesia?

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, the Indian Islands (Indonesia) competes with the United States and China in terms of population growth. With more than thirty public universities and over one thousand private universities, you do not lack options. Some of the universities in Indonesia have at one time or the other ranked amongst the best in the world.

These universities have qualified professors with decades of experience in research. Some prominent universities in Indonesia include:

· Universitas Indonesia

The Universitas Indonesia is located in Jakarta and has a campus in Depok. It is certainly the best University in Indonesia and for decades, have partnered with other universities in Asia, Australia and Europe. It offers students the opportunity to travel out of Indonesia to study abroad.

The Universitas Indonesia (UI) on the other hand, grants exchange students (students from other universities across the world) the uncommon opportunity to study in Indonesia. As one of the foremost universities in Indonesia, UI is a place of academic nourishment.

The acceptance rate in the Universitas Indonesia is barely 5% yearly. Its students are very competitive. They choose the best students amongst the applicants and over the years since 2012, the number of master and Ph.D. scholars have increased by over 50%.

· Atma Jaya Catholic University

The Atma Jaya Catholic University is known for its devotedness in the combination of Christian Faith, Science and Technology in addition to Indonesian culture in the development of the minds of the people. Its vision has always remained to be a leading university at the international level in both academic and professional excellence. A feat it has always maintained.

The Atma Jaya Catholic University peaks at basic and applied research to advance science. Currently, it is composed of eight schools (faculties) and offers over twenty bachelor’s degree programs. Although these faculties were founded in different years, they have effectively served and are still serving the purposes for which they were founded.

The university offers seven master’s degree programs as well and one Doctoral program, specifically in Applied English Linguistic.

· Bandung Institute of Technology

Known for its prevalence in technology, the Institut Teknologi Bandung, was established due to the necessity to fulfil the needs of technical personnel/engineers as a result of World War I (WWI). It is the first technical university in Indonesia with the purpose of serving Science and Technology in national development.

Established during the struggle for the independence proclamation, the Bandung Institute of Technology has prioritized the development of an advanced economy. According to the world ranking in 2021, the Bandung Institute of Technology is ranked amongst the best 2000 universities in the world.

It is also ranked between 301 and 350n in The Asia Rankings and number 303 in the QS world ranking. In QS Asian ranking, it falls at #62 in 2021.

At high school and basic school, the Indonesian government offers compulsory free education.

What is required to Study in Indonesia?

The followings are what you need to get informed about to study in Indonesia.

How much does it cost to study in Indonesia?

The cost of tuition in Indonesian public universities is comparatively lower than in private universities. This is dependent on school and varies due to the program of study. For international students, the cost of tuition is higher than that for locals.

Application Fee

As in other countries, the application fee is between $100 – $500 for undergraduates and higher than that for masters and Ph.D. Do not forget, this money is not a refundable fee. As an international student, you can begin your admission application process into your chosen university. The application portals are open on various university websites.

Application/Registration Period

The application/registration period differs according to universities and sessions. Application/registration is performed online through the various university portals. The academic calendars differ from university to university and the application period is from February to May every academic year.

The application period is subject to change as they are usually set to precede the resumption of the semester.

Application Process

The application process for admission in Indonesia requires that you first make a choice of the university you wish to attend. To apply, visit the official website of the school in view, fill the online application forms, upload the necessary documents and submit your application online.

If you encounter challenges during the application, write to the University through email.

Admission Fee

The admission fee is what allows you to start attending classes. Once this payment is made, you proceed with your registration and start attending classes. The admission fee differs according to the program the candidate is going for. For an undergraduate program, the admission fee ranges from $1000 – $1500, while masters are from $1400 to $2000 and Ph.D. is about $2000 or more.

School Fees

The school fees or tuition fee is a yearly fee. You can pay per semester or pay in full at once. The tuition fee also differs according to the type of program (undergraduate or postgraduate) or course in view. The fee for medical students differs from that of the other sciences.

For undergraduate students, the tuition fee is from $2500 and above while postgraduate is more. These figures are just guides as some universities may charge more or less.

Language Prerequisite

The required language to study in Indonesia is the official local language in Indonesia, which is Bahasa Indonesia. Although, international students have the grace to choose between the local language and the English language.

For international students who choose to study in English, they have the opportunity to acquire two degrees as a result of the partnership between Indonesian universities and other universities in Asia, Europe and Australia.

What are the Requirements for Admission in Indonesia

To get undergraduate admission into Indonesian universities, the candidate ought to possess a high school certificate or the equivalent with good grades. A valid certificate of English Language proficiency is also required.

For master’s studies, the majority of the master’s programs are taught in the local language except in few schools. With the relevant documents required for undergraduate studies, a master’s program requires an undergraduate degree certificate, transcript of academic records.

In the absence of an English Language proficiency certificate, a letter from your school stating that the undergraduate courses were taught in English can suffix. This is specifically for courses taught in the English language.

For Doctoral studies, presentation of proof of completion of master’s program, master’s academic transcripts are necessary. The same rule for language certification applies to Doctoral studies.

What Is The Cost of Living in Indonesia

The place where you live in most cases determines what your living cost would be. People who live in the main cities tend to pay more than those who live in the outskirts. Although, the fee is considerably lower compared to other cities in Europe, America and Asia.

To foot, the necessary bills such as accommodation rent, utility bills, food and clothing, textbooks and other expenses, a budget of USD800 to USD1500 can atone. The exchange rate for US dollar and Rupiah (Rp/Idr) is about $1 to Rp/Idr14000. Although these figures are variable and should not be relied on.


Having read what is required to study in Indonesia, you can start your journey to academic freedom in Indonesia, and get your dream actualized. Good luck.

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