For quite a long time, Canada has been the major “study abroad” destination for international students. This is owing to its first-class education facilities, friendly immigration system as well as multicultural and friendly environment. Canada is also home to Information Technology and in recent time has become one of the best countries to study Information Technology. This is why we have put down this piece, “Top I.T. Courses to Study in Canada” to help you narrow down your choices. They are also the highest paid IT courses/best paid IT courses.

Also known for its top-notch education facilities, Canadian Universities make research simpler for international students. Canada also has a very stable economy which makes the cost of living expenses less expensive compared to other developed countries. Hence it is the home for most postgraduate studies be it masters or doctorate

With almost every aspect of life going digital, the need for I.T. courses is on the rise. There are various top I.T. courses to study in Canada for candidates who seek growth in their careers. Listed below are top I.T. courses to study in Canada in 2021 for candidates with a craving for Information Technology.

  1. CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity is a course designed for the protection of systems, software, networks and programs from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. Studying Cybersecurity will guide to detect vulnerabilities, malware attacks and bots.

Due to the increasing internet security threat, the need to study cybersecurity is dominating the I.T. industry and this has given the rise in job demand. Across all major sectors, cybersecurity jobs are in high demand. Even the big tech companies cannot do without these professionals. With cybersecurity certification, you can get employed as:

  • Security engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Security consultant
  • Systems administrator
  • IT manager etc.

So many companies are really spending big on cybersecurity due to how important it is for them to have their files secured. This rise in spending was estimated at 10 – 15% in 2020 and this rise is expected to continue in 2021 and beyond.  As long as the internet is live and active, the services of cybersecurity engineers will continue to be in high demand and the course is one of the highest paid IT courses/best paid IT courses.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of intelligent machines that are capable of carrying out human functions are on the increase today. The computer professionals who model these intelligent machines are in high demand globally. This makes Artificial Intelligence a core part of the top I.T. courses to study in Canada.

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Developing reliable Artificial Intelligent systems requires getting a certification in Artificial intelligence. Getting certified in AI is a bold step towards learning the required skills necessary in the development of AI systems. It will also aid the candidate to understand the challenged AI pose in the place of work.

A certification in Artificial Intelligence will guarantee jobs such as:

  • Robotic Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • AI Engineer etc.,

  1. Blockchain Technology

With the rapid increase in the storing of data in decentralized databases, Blockchain certification comes in handy. This is because it will enable you to understand the concepts of blockchain and its platforms like cryptocurrencies. With the evolution of digital currencies, blockchain certification makes it easier for you to take active participation in cryptocurrency, bitcoin mining, cryptography, blockchain architecture etc.

Blockchain is a good transformation in digital technology-based systems and critical industries like insurance, healthcare, banking and finance, real estate and many more. With an estimated increase of 15% annually, blockchain technologies are likely to take over the world GPD. This will certainly be a plus to those with blockchain certification.

A certification in blockchain technology can land one job opportunities such as:

  • Cryptocurrency analyst
  • Digital database manager
  • Business Developer
  • Operation Researcher etc.

  1. DevOps

Recently, DevOps has become one of the most in-demand technologies in the Information technology world. This is why it has formed a part of this content, “top I.T. courses to study in Canada. Its relevance can be seen in the use of most popular programs such as Docker, Puppet and Chef. It gradually turning out to be one of the highest paid IT courses/best paid IT courses.

With a professional certification in DevOps, one can land a top job as:

  • DevOps Architect
  • DevOps Engineer or
  • as DevOps Manager etc.,

You also gain knowledge on other necessary technical skills that are necessary in landing these jobs.

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