What is Kinesiology? Why You Should Study Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology/Kinesthesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of human body movement and the way in which this impacts health and wellbeing. Why you should study kinesiology/Kinesthesiology if you have an interest in human exercise. It is a program for scholars who have unparalleled interest in the science of human exercise and motion. It more or less prepares one for careers in health and wellness, fitness, ergonomics and other professions related to lifestyle.

According to Kathryn Alexander in an email, Kinesiology includes physics, biomechanics, physiology, biology and chemistry.

NB: Kathryn Alexander is a personal trainer in Texas USA. She holds a bachelor’s in kinesiology and a master’s in clinical exercise physiology from the University of Texas.

Kinesiology covers different study areas such as anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and psychological principles which are useful in the rehabilitation of patients. The popularity of the kinesiology degree is a result of its application in substantial areas of life like sports, recreational activities, fitness and health (especially body and mind).

As important as it is for us to work with others to make ends meet, many forget to make out time to rest. It is important to make time to relax our bodies and minds after going through stressful activities. The negative impacts of stress on our health cannot be overemphasized.

You may have asked for reasons why you should study kinesiology at one time or another. Well, for your interest, going through this post judiciously may answer your question. You will find out why you should study kinesiology or if a degree in kinesiology is what you really need.

The essence of kinesiology may be summarized in these objectives.

  • Body posture alignment and correction
  • Joint mobility increment/increasing muscle strength and muscular endurance
  • Relaxation/Recreation
  • Coordination, control and balance
  • Respiratory and sensory re-education

Why you should study Kinesiology

A kinesiology degree may not be given the acknowledgement it deserves probably because not many know about it. In most of the world, the word kinesiology may seem strange due to the lack of universities and colleges where it is taught. This is not so in the US, UK, Canada or Australia as some schools are accredited for this course.

Kinesiology Schools in the World

Below is a list of some of the best schools in the world that offer kinesiology. These schools are known for their exceptional curriculum, experienced professors and the unmatched number of students enrolled in kinesiology programs. They include some of the best schools in Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia

Schools Location
        i. Memorial University Canada
      ii. University of Texas United States
    iii. Monash University Australia
    iv. University of Portsmouth UK
      v. University of British Columbia Canada
    vi. Michigan State University United States

Many experts think that a kinesiology degree would prepare one for medical school or chiropractic school, as well as nursing. There is also room for a master’s degree in kinesiology or a doctoral degree in Kinesthesiology. Although, bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology holders.

Where Can A Kinesiologist Work?

Kinesthesiology has found application in so many areas due to how broad its wings span. At times this leads to confusion for Kinesiology degree holders due to the many options of career available to them. You may choose to be study Kinesthesiology if you have an unwavering keenness for physical activities or sports.

Persons who are interested in teaching others the benefit of physical training, or want to enjoy the fun of being physically active may choose to study kinesiology. The profession helps one to be physically active, develop a teamwork rate and have fun. Kinesiology degree holders can work in many places such as the fitness industry, schools, health care organizations/clinics, rehabilitation centres, and community centres.

Summarily, studying a kinesiology degree will enable one to secure a job as any of the following:

  • Kinesiologist
  • Kinesiology professor
  • Kinesiology researcher
  • Fitness trainer/instructor
  • Personal trainer
  • Rehabilitation therapist
  • Sports medicine physician
  • Ergonomics professional

The majority of these professions require more than just a kinesiology degree, as kinesiology alone may not be sufficient to secure a position. Some of this supplementary education may be graduate studies, professional courses and exams or experimental learning.

Some Kinesiology Jobs and Their Average Annual Salaries

According to Payscale ranking, below is some of the kinesiology careers and their average annual salary in the United States.

Job Average Annual Salary ($US)
Massage Therapist 43,000
Athletic Trainer 44,000
Recreational Therapist 44,000
Chiropractor 58,000
Physical Therapist 70,500
Occupational Therapist 80,000


What are the Major Kinesiology Specialties?

Some of the major specializations for persons with a kinesiology degree are

  1. Nutrition and Fitness

Graduates of kinesiology may specialize in fitness and nutrition. Here their major responsibilities are to stop allergies, help patients to maintain a healthy mind and body through supplements combination, vitamins and sports.

  1. Exercise Science

The degree holders in Kinesiology engage in teaching sports, sports training, or coaching others as seen in most outdoor sports like football, basketball etc. They teach people how to stay fit, play the game, do physical fitness exercises and practice sports generally.

  1. Kinesiology and Physical Therapy

This set of Kinesthesiology specialists help others maintain their physical and mental health. This is achieved through therapeutic recovery, reflexotherapy (deep massage sessions), lymphatic drainage and so many other techniques.


Having given you all the necessary information needed about why you should study kinesiology, I can say it is a good choice to study kinesiology. Most importantly, if you are keen on exercise and fitness. Taking up a career in kinesiology will help you enjoy your fantasy as well as help you earn some money.

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