Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency)

Getting a permanent residence in Australia is the major desire of everyone who has lived in Australia. This is because getting a permanent residence status in Australia comes with so many benefits and these Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency) are what we have to discuss in this post.

What Are The Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency)?

Here are The Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency). For these benefits, you may consider getting a permanent residency in Australia.

  1. Full-Time Working Rights

Getting a PR status in Australia is a guarantee to seek employment and be employed in any sector you are interested in. This is as long as you meet the basic requirements for such positions. You get no restrictions to work wherever you are qualified to work. In simple terms, getting a permanent residency in Australia puts you ahead for full-time employment.

  1. Unlimited Right to Live in Australia

This is the major benefit of permanent residency in Australia as all other benefits are embedded in it. Being a permanent resident of Australia means you can live in Australia for as long as you wish. In order words, you have no limit to how long you can live in Australia.

A permanent residence visa allows you to travel to and fro Australia at will with restrictions. This opportunity to live in Australia indefinitely is a privilege not so many enjoy.

  1. Easy Access to Student Loan as a Benefit of Australian PR (Permanent Residency)

This is the primary benefit of PR (Permanent residence) in Australia for students who study in Australia. The ability to easily access student loans is a bargain for Australian Permanent Residents. They are given the privilege to access financial assistance on their study. The financial assistance comes through the Higher Education Loans Program (HELP)

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  1. Eligibility To Apply For Australian Citizenship

Australian Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship after staying for a period of time in Australia. Application for citizenship can be made by Australian PR who has lived for at least four to five years lawfully in Australia. This is one of the benefits of PR (permanent residence) in Australia.

  1. Access to Healthcare/Medical Benefits

The Benefits of PR (Permanent Residence) In Australia are numerous and this is one of them. As an Australian PR, you can access quality medical services. This comes with a guarantee of cheaper health insurance, zero treatment cost when you visit government/public hospitals. You can also access subsidized surgery fees when the need arises.

  1. Social Security (SSN) Benefits

Australia has a master program which is handled by Australia’s Social Security Department to ensure that your social welfare is taken care of. Hence, as a PR in Australia, social welfare aids associated with the students, sickness and unemployment are taken care of. These benefits can be extended to your family and loved ones.

  1. Sponsoring Members of Your Family

Persons with PR in Australia can sponsor their family members to also acquire permanent residence status in Australia. This can be achieved when the individual must have met the residence and support assurance pre-requisites.

  1. First Home Owner Grant

Another benefit of PR (Permanent Residence) In Australia is that you are qualified for a First Home Owner Grant worth over $5,000 once you sign your first house acquisition contract.

  1. Rise in Credit Rating/Easy Access to Loans

Your credit rating increases to a certain percentage on the acquisition of permanent residence in Canada. This Benefit of PR (Permanent Residence) In Australia helps you to be able to access different types of loans – home loans, credit cards, car loan, student loan etc. You also get approval easily for these loans.

  1. Citizenship Privilege for Australian PR Children

The benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency) is not just limited to you alone, it also extends to your children. Children born in Australia automatically become citizens by birth hence provisions are made for them. They enjoy The Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency) as well in the areas of education and health care services.


The Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency) are numerous and are beyond the ones listed here. Hence you can search for more of the benefits here. Having considered these benefits, it won’t be out of place to encourage you to get an Australian PR if you are opportune.

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