Best Colleges For Dance Majors In The USA

Both dancing and choreographing is physically and mentally taxing careers that need a high level of talent. Broadway and major ballet companies aren’t the only places where dancers may find work. Students with dance majors find employment at dance studios, amusement parks, and cruise ships. Many of the Top colleges for dance majors in the USA are known for offering the best in dance majors. Read through to know The Top Colleges For Dance Performance Majors In The USA

As a major source of income or as a side hustle,  many dancers instruct younger students. You might be familiar with some of the best colleges offering dance majors in the USA as listed in this post, such as New York University or Juilliard, but there are also other schools that are less well-known but offer excellent dance programmes.

Dancers are known to be a symbol of perfection because they cannot afford a single mistake. This, therefore, requires lots of dedication and time, but it can be pretty fun if one’s heart is in it. There are several outstanding colleges for dance performance majors in the USA

Top Colleges For Dance Performance Majors In The USA

This list of top colleges offering dance majors is based on location, department strength, and opportunities available. Location contributes to the major constraints to students who wish to take a dance course as a dance major requires active participation to learn. The location also is a major reason for the choice of dance college in the USA.

An instance is if you decide to study in NYC, you not only have a series of opportunities to perform with the most essential troupes, choreographers, and professors. It also comes with some golden chances to partake in numerous activities outside the school.

Another factor to consider is your choice of program. What exactly does it entails or whether it is a combination of all elements, for example, ballet, jazz, tap, and step element? To help the process of decision-making, here is a compiled list of top colleges for dance majors in the USA. The colleges listed here have the best dance programs in the United States.

  1. The Juilliard School

Beyond reasonable doubts, Juilliard is and has been for decades, the top and best school for dance performance majors, acting and, musical studies in the USA and around the globe. Their program is referred to as the Gold standard for modern dancing. Although its strong tie to traditions of ballet and other forms of dancing cannot be set aside.

Whether you chose Juilliard for its location, prestige, networking, opportunities or all the advantages it has, you can’t choose a better school. As a form of artistic expression, dance spans a multitude of decades as well as civilizations. Through the investigation of ballet, modern, and contemporary dance approaches, you will be encouraged to develop into a performer who is both flexible and subtle while studying at Juilliard.

The Juilliard School cultivates and enables the next generation of extraordinary artists and creative voices in the field of dance through the chances it provides in the form of classes, performances, and composing projects. In conclusion, Julliard’s admission rate is 8% making it the most selective institution on this list.

Location: New York


  1. New York University Tisch School of the Arts

Considered one of the foremost dance colleges, alongside Julliard, NYU is one of the best colleges offering dance majors in the USA. It presents an opportunity nearly unrivalled as an experienced dancer on the stage of contemporary dance in New York City. In the curriculum, there is a strong focus on the skills of contemporary dance as well as ballet, and an equal amount of attention is placed on performance and choreography.

The graduates of these institutes have advanced virtually every single position a modern dance artist could hope for, including spots in top dance companies, training by the best professors at top universities, and soloist honours for a variety of important production in NY City and abroad. The location is also unbeatable as it is located in the premier city for dancers.

The mission of the Tisch Department of Dance is to foster the growth of fully developed dance artists who are capable of critical thinking, courageous leadership, and fluent performance as part of our mission to develop and prepare the students.

Location: New York


  1. University Of North Carolina School Of The Arts

The University of NC is one of the best colleges in America. For a dance performance that produces top outstanding alumni. The institution is known for its classical and modern ballet programs. This makes it one of the top dance colleges in the USA and also puts it on the list of the best colleges for dance majors.

It is located in Winston Salem, the school is also attached to the University of North Carolina. This gives the students a rare opportunity of pursuing a double major with the University in conjunction with their dance degrees.

Location: Winston-Salem, NC


  1. Boston Conservatory

Subject to the guidance and directions of the valued dancer and pedagogue Cathy Young, who has held classes and taught in more than 30 colleges across the USA. The Boston Conservatory is one of the finest schools for a dance performance major in the US. Equally excellent in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and ethnic dance styles, their students are offered unparalleled opportunities to study varieties of dance methods.

The college is also located in a cultural epicentre of America; from Boston Ballet to Luminarium Dance Company to Urbanity Dance and many more. Prominent dancers and choreographers are also available for networking career opportunities within and outside the city.

Location: Boston, MA


  1. Dominican University Of California

Many dance traditionalists may think this is odd, but Dominican University is one of the top dance colleges in the US. This institution is in partnership with Alonzo King Lines Ballet, one of the premier contemporary ballet companies in the whole of the USA.

The institution has become a centre of attraction to aspiring and ambitious dancers across the globe having all the resources available in San Francisco, combined with the academic reputation of one of the oldest institutions in California and the approach of working with professional companies.

A college that provides its students with professional training and expert companies to give them an edge over the competition while applying after college. Hence there is no better explanation as to why the Dominican University is included on the list of the best schools for dance majors.

Location: San Rafael, CA


  1. Fordham University

Fordham like Boston and Dominican colleges allows its students the advantage of networking and thriving within one of the best culturally diverse cities in the whole world. It is also located in the dance epicentre of the US, and it has a lot more to offer than just location. Fordham University is one of the top dance colleges in the USA.

It offers a partnership with one of the premier dance institutions, the Ailey School, which was founded by Alvin Ailey, one of the prestigious dance artists of all time. The Ailey School is a legendary institution that runs a contemporary ballet of 30 members, including students in the Fordham/Ailey program.

An intense yet highly rewarding program designed for dance specialists, the students are expected to dance 4-6 hours per day and find a means to stay top in their academics.

Location: New York, NY


  1. Butler University

A popular nationally renowned program located in the heart of the Midwest. Butler University offers the benefit of liberal art education to its students with an intensive dance performance education. The classical tradition is where their strength lies. They often present and run events of many classical ballets, like The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

They also choreograph modern ballets as well as training students with ample experience with the choreography of past masters and modern greats. Butler University has over time been established as one of the best colleges for dance major in the United States and the world at large.

Location: Indianapolis, IN


  1. Oklahoma City University School Of American Dance And Arts Management

Their excellence is based on triple strength in their three prominent dance forms, ballet, tap, and jazz. OCU is much more than just training dancers to be excellent purveyors of classical and traditional styles.

The school focuses on ensuring that the graduates have a chance at making successful careers. Therefore, offering dance training to be successful in a musical theatre context. The majority of their alumni are performing on Broadway to the tune of successful, well-paid commercial careers. Due to its reputation, the OCU has built a formidable force through its alumni as one of the top colleges offering dance majors in the USA.

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


  1. University Of Arizona 

Known for its strong basis in classical ballet and jazz performance, it is one of the top colleges for dance performance majors in the USA. The University of Arizona has produced several fine young artists and teachers of modern tradition. The school has enjoyed powerful combinations which have led many of its dancers to prestigious dance companies.

Their facilities are unrivalled when it comes to auditioning, all dance majors are given a great chance to perform in a 30,000square-foot theatre called the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre. It is not located in a big city, but it is a remarkable school that has been ranked amongst the top best dance schools by publications, such an institution should be at the top of the list for a young aspiring dancer.

Location: Tucson, AZ


  1. Cornish College of the Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts programme at Cornish College of the Arts is a physically demanding course of study. Students spend between six and eight hours each day in the studios of the college learning, practising, and rehearsing.

Cornish’s curriculum is so appealing that even dancers with professional experience routinely apply. Through the school’s “Professional Dancers Program,” experienced dancers can finish their BFA in fewer than two years. This has endeared the Cornish College of the Arts in the heart of many students. Hence it is routinely included in the list of the top schools for dance majors.

The Cornish experience is built around ballet, as is the case with the majority of dance programmes. However, in addition to these types of dance, the school also provides optional lessons in other styles, such as jazz, tap, urban dance, and even martial arts.

Opportunities for working together are a defining characteristic of the Cornish education. Because this educational institution is an autonomous arts conservatory, students majoring in dance typically work along with those studying other performing art disciplines, such as music and theatre.

Location: Seattle, WA


  1. Southern Methodist University

This institution is a master in unparalleled quality information to its students. A top-quality, selective college that majors in an excellent dance performance program which consists of ballet and jazz for aspiring performers all across the globe.

Southern Methodist University is deeply rooted in traditional technique and performance. Therefore it is not a valid option for aspiring dance performers seeking contemporary training. But for unparalleled training in traditional styles, look no further than Texas’ finest school for dance.

Location: Dallas, TX


Others on the list of the Top Colleges For Dance Performance Majors In The USA include:

  1. Barnard College
  2. Bellhaven University
  3. Chapman University
  4. Florida State University
  5. Indiana University
  6. Marymount Manhattan College
  7. Montclair State University
  8. Oberlin College
  9. Ohio State University
  10. Oklahoma City University
  11. Pace University
  12. Point Park University
  13. Rutgers University
  14. Skidmore College
  15. Slippery Rock University
  16. SUNY Purchase College
  17. Towson University
  18. University of Michigan
  19. University of South Florida
  20. University of Southern California
  21. University of the Arts (PA)


Dance performance is one of the most tedious majors in most college degree programs. Dance majors wake up as early as 5 or 6 am to attend daily rehearsals. Ballet classes, auditions into a dance show, and choreographing for the big stage events on campus and or other campuses. It is a highly demanding course, especially with time. These are the top colleges offering dance majors in the USA or Top Colleges For Dance Performance Majors.

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