10 Best Online Acting Classes | How To Find An Online Acting Class

This article features a guide to the best online acting classes that are currently available. How To Find An Online Acting Class, Different Types Of Acting Classes, Techniques Taught In Acting Classes, The Best Acting Classes and Cost Of Online Acting Classes are also detailed

To develop one’s acting ability to its full potential, much practise and study are required. The only way to become an expert in acting is to be familiar with all of the acting abilities, tactics, and platforms that are now available in the world.

No matter how long you’ve been in the business or how many roles you’ve had, it’s imperative that you maintain your acting chops sharp. The good news is that becoming a better performer doesn’t necessitate enrolling in expensive acting classes.

You can now take online acting classes from the comfort of your own home thanks to all of the new online course platforms that have emerged in the past few years.

The best online acting lessons range from the most basic to the most advanced, covering everything from voice and movement to fighting. In light of this, how can you make an informed decision? How do you know which acting lessons are worth your time and money, and which ones are simply a waste of your money and time? How can you tell whether a method, instructor, or format is best suited to your personality type? We’ll explain precisely what to look for in an acting class in our comprehensive guide.

Are Acting Classes Compulsory To Become An Actor?

It is not necessary to take acting lessons in order to pursue a career in acting. If there is one thing that can be said to be absolutely definite about this sector, it is the fact that there is no one way to launch a successful career in acting. On the other hand, the vast majority of individuals hold the opinion that taking acting courses may help one become a better performer at any level.

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What Are The Different Types Of Acting Classes?

If you’re just getting started in acting, one of the first things you should do is decide where you want to do the bulk of your work. Do you want to take a walk on the wild side? Do you have experience working in front of a camera? What about the musical? Comedy? Drama?

There are courses that cover acting in general, but if you already have an idea of what you want to concentrate on, it may help you pick the correct class to help build the specific set of skills you need. Yes, there are broad-acting classes. The following are examples of some of the most prevalent kinds of acting classes:

  1. Scene Study

Acting teacher Carolyn Berry says scene study entails assigning young actors scenes or monologues from a play or film. The educator guides and instructs utilising content. The major emphasis of his/her training is scene work.

  1. On-Camera

An on-camera lesson teaches students how to act for the medium, engage with and move for the camera, and modulate their voice level. Unless otherwise noted, most courses concentrate on performing for the stage, which differs from acting for the screen.

  1. Vocal

Vocal lessons educate performers to learn to utilise their voices appropriately and avoid vocal cord injuries. Vocal training may help non-singing performers handle emotional conversation and noises, such as yelling or screaming, without fatiguing or injuring the voice.

  1. Cold Reading

Cold reading, acting from a script or material with little-to-no preparation, is an essential actor talent. Cold reading lessons teach you to swiftly prepare a text—understanding the character and circumstances so you can focus on the performance.

  1. Commercial

When compared to shooting for television or movies, working on a commercial is a totally different experience; things move considerably more quickly, and performers are often required to improvise. You may learn what to anticipate from the commercial world as well as how to navigate it with the help of courses.

Other types of Acting Classes Include

  1. Body and movement
  2. Improv
  3. Technique class
  4. Audition technique

Are Online Acting Classes Worth It?

Online acting lessons are beneficial. Online courses let professionals connect, even if they’re nearby. Acting instructor Michelle Danner says you may take non-acting lessons that can enhance your acting, such as public speaking or anxiety management. “Many approaches and exercises may help you deal with tumultuous emotions creatively.”

Virtual education has no geographical constraints or requirements. You don’t need to drive, obtain a ride, pay for public transit to come to class, or miss out on anything due to travel restrictions. This means that an online acting class is worth it.

You must analyse an online acting class’s efficacy to see whether it’s worth continuing. There are different ways to determine whether an online class is effective, including studying a school or teacher’s proven accomplishments, examining the quality of the work aesthetically, and looking for meaningful development in your work and that of your classmates.

How To Find An Online Acting Class

Many acting studios have severe “no refund” procedures. Before committing to a multi-week, expensive online acting class, ask if you may audit. Observing a class will show you a teacher’s style, how the class runs, and how students interact. To find an acting class, follow the following steps on how to find the best online acting class.

  1. Make Online Research

Conducting research online is very important. Conduct research to find evaluations of certain instructors and studios, and take attention to any recurring themes that can be interpreted as potential benefits or drawbacks. The good news is that researching acting lessons online is rather uncomplicated.

  1. Ask Current Students Questions

A reference from another student who has previously participated in the course or studied with the instructor is an excellent approach to have a more accurate understanding of what to anticipate. Inquire with other actors that you know and like for advice on acting classes, or inquire with a studio about the possibility of being connected with another one of their students with whom you may discuss your interests.

What Is The Difference Between Acting Workshops And Acting Classes?

The idea that acting workshops and acting classes are the same is a prevalent misunderstanding. The primary purpose of acting classes is to provide ongoing training and growth, whereas the primary purpose of workshops is to provide a chance to network with industry professionals and get insight into the criteria they use when selecting new talent.

When participating in a workshop, you will be required to pay a one-time fee in order to perform in front of a professional contact with whom you are expecting to establish a working relationship, such as an agent or casting director. This is not an audition, but rather a time for the person who is giving the workshop to provide you with advice and talk about what they look for in potential cast members when they are actively casting a project.

What Techniques Are Taught In Acting Classes?

Most classes focus on a method or technique in addition to acting basics. Some of the techniques taught in Online Acting Classes Include:

  • Stanislavsk technique
  • Strasberg’s Method
  • Adler technique
  • Meisner technique and
  • Hagen technique

What Are The Best Acting Classes?

The best online acting classes include

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

#1. Beginner

Think about enrolling in several general interest lessons to see whether you really like performing and if you truly do want to take it further and spend more money on training. If you take one of these classes, which are often larger and, as a result, less costly, and it turns out that acting isn’t really your thing, you won’t have thrown away as much time or money.

#2. Intermediate

You already have a strong foundation, but you want to go to the next level of acting in your career. Training that is either one-on-one or in small groups is likely to be the most beneficial for you since these formats will guarantee that you get to perform and get tailored feedback in each and every lesson.

#3. Advanced

At this point in your acting career, you’ve probably already completed many acting classes. So, we’ll go right into the specifics of what you need to do in order to succeed. When studying suitable classes, it is important to zero in on a particular medium, talent, or specialisation. Although the number of available programmes may be limited, the instructors of the few really specialised schools are probably actual experts in their fields.

What Is The Cost Of Online Acting Classes?

For persons who ask, How much do acting classes cost, Acting classes cost $20-30 an hour for group lessons and $85-125 an hour for individual sessions, depending on the instructor, location, and other considerations. It’s true online acting classes are pricey. If you’re on a tight budget, take a few cheaper classes to see what works before enrolling in more costly ones.

You don’t want to pay for a six-week session you don’t like with an instructor who doesn’t help your craft. If you want a profession in acting, you must acquire the tools you need. A smart investment now might change the future.

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What Are the Best Online Acting Classes?

Below are the 10 best Online acting classes. Looking for a place to get the best in acting, you may consider choosing from any of these acting classes online.

  1. Masterclass: Samuel L. Jackson
  2. MasterClass: Natalie Portman
  3. Masterclass: Helen Mirren
  4. MasterClass: Nancy Cartwright
  5. Udemy: Acting 101 For Adults
  6. Udemy: A Comprehensive Guide To Child Acting
  7. Udemy: The Complete Acting Course
  8. Skillshare: Acting Techniques Masterclass
  9. Udemy: How To Book Acting Jobs
  10. Udemy: Professional 10 Hour Acting MASTERCLASS


  1. Masterclass: Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is a very popular actor who has appeared in over 100 Hollywood films. His MasterClass online acting class gives you a chance to learn from the actor himself. After taking this online acting class, you’ll strengthen your fundamental acting skills, perform effectively in auditions, and explore numerous character sides.

Even if you’re not a fan, this course will teach you a lot. You’ll meet “Sam,” an acting teacher with professional experience, acting expertise, and personal experiences. Sam explains his acting style and characterisation process using sequences from The Caveman’s Valentine. He shows how to break down a script using the Pulp Fiction cafe scene as an example.

COST: Starting At $15/month (billed annually) for all classes and sessions.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to create memorable personalities.
  • How to depict the character using voice and body language
  • Collaboration with directors, cast, and crew.
  • How to audition and increase your acting career by taking chances and bold decisions.
  • Acting career advancement
  • Script or character analysis

Why Choose this Class?

  • The course includes a total of nineteen video lectures totalling 5.0hours, each of which is thoroughly explained.
  • The course comes with a workbook that you can download and use to keep track of what you’ve learned and what you still need to complete.
  • Excellent for users of any ability.
  • Excellent score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Samuel L. Jackson Masterclass on online Acting is surely one you should engage in. It is one of the best online acting classes you can come across.


  1. MasterClass: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman reveals her acting methods in this masterclass. This lesson explains how she become one of the few Oscar winners. Natalie will show you how to overcome sensitivity and self-consciousness to boost your acting career. Natalie will outline her preparation method using “Jackie” and “Black Swan” as case examples.

This course covers working on set, performing on camera, dealing with directors, improvisation, portraying a real character/historical person, working with the set, props, and camera, green screen acting, actor guidance, and active empathy.

COST: Starting At $15/month (billed annually) for all classes and sessions.

What Will You Learn?

  • Getting to know who you are as a person
  • How to become a better actor by learning to behave like a professional
  • Changing your accent or dialect to fit your character’s needs
  • Improvising and delivering a powerful performance
  • An actor’s guide on working with a green screen
  • On-camera acting techniques
  • What it takes to be an actor on a film set.

Why Choose this Class?

  • Detailed course material: eighteen video lectures totalling 2hours 37minutes containing a wealth of information
  • Excellent for people of all skill sets.
  • Excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Contains a brilliant class workbook


  1. Masterclass: Helen Mirren

This online class, taught by Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren, focuses on Shakespearean acting. This acting education covers everything from practical training to physical attractiveness. It is one of the best online acting classes you can come across.

Helen’s online acting course discusses human behaviour and how it may be utilised to capture directors’ or audiences’ attention. This masterclass highlighted Helen’s journey as a theatrical performer to connect with the public. She discusses her acting skills and expertise in TV, cinema, and theatre.

COST: Starting At $15/month (billed annually) for all classes and sessions.

DURATION: 28 Video lessons totalling 6hours and 17minutes


  1. MasterClass: Nancy Cartwright

Even if you are unfamiliar with Nancy Cartwright’s name, you are likely familiar with her voice. One of the most well-known voice actresses in the United States, Cartwright is perhaps best known for providing the voice of Bart in The Simpsons.

She has been in the business for more than 40 years and shot to prominence on the legendary Tracey Ullman Show, where she was even mentored by the renowned voice actor Daws Butler.

Those who are interested in voice acting and want to learn more about the auditioning and agent-finding process will benefit greatly from this informative class. Although it covers a great deal of technical information on voice acting, the material is often organised in a way that makes it simple to understand.

COST: Starting At $15/month (billed annually) for all classes and sessions.

DURATION: 12Video lessons totalling 2hours and 43minutes


  1. Udemy: Acting 101 For Adults

This course, taught by actor Aaron Jackson, will help students strengthen their acting skills. All his classes focus on simple, practical acting skills. This online acting school provides relevant, thorough instruction. Its subjects include establishing your acting identity, audition and monologue preparation, casting and commercial auditioning, and how to become a better actor and acquire more possibilities.

If you want to perform in a movie, TV show, or commercial, this course is for you. Aaron Jackson’s advice can help you be your best. He teaches learners acting talents using various approaches. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned actor, he can help you improve. He’ll discuss your “toolbox” basics: CV, headshot, website, manager, demo reel, and warm-up. This training will help you become a successful actor.

COST: Starting At $10/month

DURATION: 7hours of Video lessons


  1. Udemy: A Comprehensive Guide To Child Acting

Pupils in his Child Acting class are given an overview of the many techniques that he uses to instruct and improve the students’ acting abilities. He is able to hone your abilities as an actor, regardless of whether you are just beginning to think about a career in acting, wish to learn new techniques, enhance your skills, or are an experienced actor.

You will learn the ins and outs of promoting yourself via activities such as working on auditions, practising monologues, and studying scenes, as well as sharing the secrets of success in both local markets and Hollywood. The child acting course will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to have a successful career as an actor. This is one of the best online acting classes you can come across.

COST: Starting At $10/month

DURATION: 8 hours of on-demand video


  1. Udemy: The Complete Acting Course

In this class, Galadriel will show you how to become a successful actor. This course will teach you how to master any scene. You will get acting tips, walk you through scene exercises, and more. This class includes three hours of lecture and demonstration videos, a 55-page PDF workbook, and 15+ lessons with custom scenes.

Galadriel has worked in TV, film, voiceover, motion capture, and commercials for over a decade. She played Gwen Tennyson in Ben 10, Ashley in Until Dawn, and a four-season arc on ABC’s The Middle, among other roles. Since 2013, Galadriel taught at one of the top Los Angeles acting studios and has clients worldwide. Many of her clients came to her as brand new actors or actors who were stuck in their careers, but now are series regulars on TV shows and starring in feature films.


COST: Starting At $10/month

DURATION: 5hours of on-demand video


  1. Skillshare: Acting Techniques Masterclass

Acting is a trade like any other art form, and artists utilise several ways to develop their work. Painters, authors, sculptors, architects, etc. all have their unique creative toolkit. Just like acting. In this course, you will learn an acting technique, but you will be exposed to various widely-used approaches.

Whether you master one approach and stick with it throughout your career or fill your toolbox with several, it’s crucial to know what’s available and have at least one trustworthy technique.

This course consists of the following lessons:

  • What is technique and why do we need it
  • The Stanislavsky Technique
  • The Strasberg Method
  • The Adler Technique
  • The Meisner Technique
  • The Uta Hagen Technique
  • The Chekhov Technique
  • Practical Aesthetics
  • The Viola Spolin Technique
  • The Actor’s Foundry Technique


DURATION: 13Video lessons totalling 40minutes


  1. Udemy: How To Book Acting Jobs

Finding work is one of the most important aspects of developing a career as an actor. Even if there may be an element of luck involved, there are a lot of strategies that can be used to improve one’s chances of being successful. Amy Lyndon, who is a teacher, actress, and director as well, discusses some of those strategies in an online acting class that she teaches.

Throughout the course of 35 educational video courses, she outlines her 15-Step Guideline Map to Booking Technique in detail. The training is broken up into many segments, such as an introduction — booking is its own animal — providing information on how to book acting gigs, the application process, and even assignments.

There are five different exercises that you may do in order to improve your acting talents and turn in for the assignments. In the last lesson of the class, Amy covers the five fundamental principles of booking, as well as an article on how to make an impression that will last on casting directors, both of which will help you stand out in your acting career.

DURATION: 4hours of on-demand video


  1. Udemy: Professional 10 Hour Acting MASTERCLASS

You will learn how to act on both the stage and the film by taking this extremely in-depth online acting class offered by Udemy. You will learn how to expand your skillset in order to adapt to any role while still giving your own unique creative perspective to the characters you play.

The many lessons that are covered in this acting class include things like analysing a scene or script and being aware of what you are trying to convey, speaking out loud, acting with confidence, making the camera your ally, memorization, making use of your personal skillset or toolbox, acting goals, and even taking headshots.

This is, in general, one of the best online acting classes available, as you will also receive excellent guidance regarding the audition process and how to interact with casting directors. In addition, you will learn how to use the director to your advantage and how to deal with the constant hustling that comes with the industry.

DURATION: 10hours of on-demand video



This article features a guide to the best online acting classes that are currently available. How To Find An Online Acting Class, Different Types Of Acting Classes, Techniques Taught In Acting Classes, The Best Acting Classes and Cost Of Online Acting Classes are also detailed.

These courses are taught by a variety of instructors, ranging from renowned actors to professional trainers. We hope that you will be able to discover the most suitable online acting class for yourself now that you have investigated all of the possibilities.

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