Quality Control Inspector: How To Become One, Job Description And Salary

Every industrial company needs quality control examination. It helps maintain and manage customers. An organization’s Quality control inspector must guarantee greater quality steps are done to provide the best final goods.

Before reaching the final product, various steps must be completed. The quality control inspector’s tasks span the whole production process. He must inspect each stage and procedure to ensure everyone fulfils the needed quality level because the process dictates the ultimate product’s quality. Also, it’s wonderful to know that product quality is also impacted by individual efforts.

Who Is A Quality Control Inspector?

A Quality Control Inspector, also known as a Quality Assurance Inspector, is the person in charge of determining whether or not a product satisfies a particular set of criteria. Their responsibilities include inspecting shipments of inventory and raw materials, measuring the specifications of random items produced during each production run, and providing members of the team with training to improve the overall quality of production.

Quality control inspectors work in manufacturing and retail to verify items fulfil customer expectations. They check materials for quality before and after production. In addition, they validate requirements, conduct visual and measurement testing, and reject and return undesirable products.

Quality auditors and quality control inspectors collaborate. Quality Auditors give Quality Control inspectors testing instructions and standards. After analysing a product’s look and functioning, quality controllers provide remedial input to quality auditors. Quality controllers follow updated protocols put in place by quality auditors to avoid future problems.

How To Become A Quality Control Inspector

There are a lot of steps involved in the process of becoming a quality control inspector. In order to work in the field of quality control as a professional, it is important to earn the relevant credentials and have the required work experience. Below is a step by step guide to become a quality control inspector.

  1. Get A High School Diploma

To become a quality control inspector, you must earn your high school certificate or a credential that is equal to a high school diploma. This will prepare you to continue your education and earn a bachelor’s degree at a later time.

  1. Get A Bachelor’s Degree

Getting a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree is the next logical step after getting a high school diploma. When it comes to the competitive job market, having a bachelor’s degree is going to provide you with a significant advantage over having an associate degree.

In any case, you will need to get a second degree in addition to your high school diploma in order to be qualified for a course of study in quality control inspection. A bachelor’s degree in engineering, food science, or health care technology can suffix. You can also obtain the American Society for Quality certifications.

  1. Earn A Vocational Training Certification

It would be beneficial for you to pursue professional and vocational training in quality control inspection once you have completed your bachelor’s degree or the degree that is considered to be its equivalent. You may now call yourself a fully qualified quality control practitioner from this point on.

  1. Find An Entry-level Position

It doesn’t matter how many qualifications you’ve earned; if you haven’t put what you’ve learned into practice, it was all for nothing. Therefore, in order to evaluate your skills, you should look into applying for entry-level employment in the production or manufacturing industry.

You will gain a lot of expertise if you work in these particular sectors because they are vital components of the production process. You can also apply for internships.

  1. Apply For Quality Inspector Jobs

As a result of having successfully completed all of the procedures, you are now qualified to work as a professional quality control inspector. Hence, you can then apply for a job as a quality control inspector to further improve your experiences. This way, you bring together the training you’ve received and the experience you’ve obtained.

Entry-level Quality Control Inspectors may have 1 to 2 years of experience or on-the-job training. For leadership roles or demanding, specialised activities, 3 to 5 years of experience may be needed.

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What Does A Quality Control Inspector Do

How To Become A QC Inspector

Quality control inspectors have several responsibilities. It entails recognising what’s correct and processes to achieve consistent product quality. A Quality Control Inspector assesses, documents, and organises them to assist their company’s supply chain. Quality control inspectors oversee food, textiles, glassware, electronics, computers, and structural steel. Here’s a list of a quality control inspector’s tasks and responsibilities.

  1. Examination Of Product Samples

The Quality Control Inspector examines output samples with procedures that are common in the business, including comparing them to standards, measuring their dimensions, and analysing their functioning.

  1. Inspection Of Operating Procedures

They ensure that the assembly or manufacturing line complies with the established standards and operating procedures, as well as meeting any applicable legal requirements

  1. Product Comparison

Quality control inspectors examine the designs and specifications in order to make comparisons to the finished products

  1. Record Keeping

The Quality Assurance Inspector keeps records of the findings of inspections by filling out reports, composing summaries of reworks and wastes, and entering the information into a quality database.

  1. Staff Education

They organise training of the manufacturing staff on quality assurance and control procedures with the goal of improving product excellence. Putting up suggestions for enhancements to the manufacturing process.

  1. Inspection Of Equipment

Controlling how the equipment is used to make sure it is secure and getting rid of any pieces that don’t live up to the standards.

7. Keeping job knowledge current by participating in educational programmes and participating in regular training. Maintaining correct measuring equipment by adhering to calibration criteria and contacting maintenance personnel when necessary

Skills Of A Quality Control Inspector

It is necessary to acquire a certain set of skills and attributes in order to work as a quality control inspector. Because of this, if you don’t have these traits, your chances of being a competent quality inspector are going to suffer. Consequently, the following is a list of some of the necessary skills need to become a quality control inspector:

  • Effective communication abilities both orally and in writing
  • Superior abilities in both problem-solving and analysis are required.
  • A keen eye for detail, as well as basic knowledge of computers and mathematics, in order to calibrate and measure requirements.
  • Abilities to utilise a variety of measurement tools, including gauges, metres, callipers, and computers
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the guidelines set by the firm
  • Knowledge up to date on the standards set by the government as well as those set by the industry
  • A comprehension of the target market and the requirements of the consumers
  • Blueprint reading capabilities
  • Documentation and reporting abilities
  • Coordination and cooperation as a team effort
  • Ability to stand or walk for extended periods of time without discomfort

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How Much Does A Quality Control Inspector Earn?

The salary of a quality control inspector depends on so many factors such as level of education or qualification, place of work – industry, state or region and experience. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the quality control inspector earned $38,580 annually (i.e, 18.55 per hour) 10% made less than $28,820, while 10% earned more than $62,970.

Payscale report shows that the quality control inspector’s salary is estimated at $51,232/year (i.e, $17.76/hour) as of May 2022.


In conclusion, the quality control inspector plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the end products we consume meets international standards. What the quality control inspector does has been completely discussed as well as the necessary skills and qualifications needed to become one. The recently salary analysis from Payscale at the time of this publication shows that it is a career path worth taking.

Hence, if you are interested in becoming a competent quality inspection agent, you should pursue that goal and adhere to the essential steps that are outlined in this article.

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