The United States Vs Australia: Which Is The Best Place To Study?

The rate at which international students move into the United States and Australia has doubled in the last decade and this has resulted in a minimum of one million students moving into these countries annually. While the primary benefits of studying in any of these two countries are readily apparent, the question still stands, The United States Vs Australia: Which Is The Best Place To Study? And which of these two countries should I pick over the other as an international student?

Academic programs, tuition rates, scholarship opportunities, visa accessibility, admissions policies, international students engagement are all different in the United States compared to Australia. Australia offers a large number of employment opportunities, a wide variety of scholarship opportunities, and widespread recognition of the academic qualifications it possesses.

For international students who are undecided about the United States Vs Australia which is the best place to study, this post will help you make a choice. This post will help you figure out what to expect if you decide to go to the United States or Australia for studies.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The United States Vs Australia: Which Is The Best Place To Study?

Choosing between these two countries will be a little difficult because they both have distinct and similar features. These features are what in most cases attract a huge number of international students to these countries. In other to help you make a choice let us look at the important factors to consider when choosing between the USA and Australia as a study destination.

1. Availability of Top Ranking Universities – Australia vs USA

The ranking of top universities in the world is based on different criteria and factors but this is largely done by these two TopUniversities and Times Higher Education. According to these ranking organisations, universities from Australia and the United States are always ranked amongst the top universities. The United States has the bragging rights of contributing about four or more universities to the list of top 10 universities in the world according to the TopUniversities rating. This can be associated with the higher number of universities and colleges in the USA than in Australia.

2. Number Of International Students

There is no doubt that the number of international students in the United States and Australia has equally increased. In the last calendar year, the USA alone had over one million foreign students in total that are currently doing either undergraduate or graduate studies.

On the other hand, Australia has over half a million international students in various universities across the country. Comparing the United States Vs Australia: Which Is The Best Place To Study? Based on the number of international students, you can be confused, but the USA stands very tall here.

3. Availability Of Scholarships And Financial Support For Students

Scholarships and grants offered by universities are frequently the main means of financial aid for international students in both the USA and Australia. Nevertheless, financial assistance can also originate from other sectors, including local, state, and federal governments, enterprises, non-governmental organizations, etc.

Another advantage the USA has over Australia is the number of PhD stipends for doctoral students. Almost all the top Universities in the USA make provisions for PhD stipends for international students. Just like the other top countries with PhD stipends, Australia also makes other reservations for international students such as scholarships in Australia to ease their burden. The United States is not equally left out.

4. Ease Of Admission In The USA vs Australia

How easy or hard it is to get admission to study in the universities in these countries is another factor to consider when choosing The United States vs Australia: Which Is The Best Place To Study? The standards for entry into colleges in the United States of America are notoriously difficult to fulfil than in Australia.

This is due to the fact that, in addition to prior certifications, transcripts of previous academic records, and results of English language tests, they frequently look at leisure activities, such as participation in sports, contests and prizes, volunteering, and other similar activities. In addition, certain degrees and colleges may require that you have previous job experience or letters of recommendation.

With all these, the United States has some of the Easiest Colleges You Can Transfer Into. This is notwithstanding whether you studied in the USA or not. If the World Education Services (WES) verifies and find your documents meet the minimum criteria, then you will be accepted.

5. United States vs Australia: Availability Of Works During And After Graduation

Studying and working in the United States or Australia is another factor to consider if you wish to make some bucks while studying. While Australia allows you to work for about 20 hours weekly as a student, during normal school sessions, and about 40 hours during holidays. The United States allows you just 20 hours to work and it must be on-campus

With the United States Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, overseas graduates are permitted to remain in the country for just one year after graduation to seek employment. Australia has fewer regulations and actively encourages its students to enter the local workforce upon graduation. In reality, job fairs or other trade shows are used extensively by Australian institutions and government agencies to introduce recent graduates to prospective employers.

6. Cost Of Living Expenses In The USA vs Australia

As a student, you are not only going to the USA or Australia for studies alone. You will have to feed yourself, clothe yourself and transport yourself where necessary. All these bills do not get sorted out on their own, you have to sort them out yourself.

As an international student in Australia, you should expect to spend anything from 2000 to 2,500 Australian Dollars (AUD) monthly for your upkeep. While international students in the United States can expect to pay 3000 USD each month for upkeep. This price can vary in some states as some states are more expensive than others.

In both locations, the cost of living is greatest when it comes to living arrangements. You should make your decision between a relatively affordable student hall and a more costly rental flat, which is occasionally more comfortable.

7. The Education System In The USA vs Australia

In the United States, unlike in Australia, students can take general or non-major courses. Australian university degrees are narrowly focused, so you won’t take unrelated courses. They tend to be rather specialized, so you won’t have many opportunities to study topics outside your major. Both approaches encourage class participation and proactivity. Grading of Students in the US and Australia is based on examinations, tests, assignments, class participation, and more.

8. The USA vs Australia: Culture/Lifestyle

Both the USA vs Australia are multiethnic countries and use English as their lingua franca, making travel and communication relatively easy. Some people indeed have trouble understanding the Australian accent, but that problem will go away the more time you spend interacting with natives.

You may find a broad variety of experiences in both counties that will suit your tastes and preferences. Australia may be known for its subtropical climate, diverse species, breathtaking natural attractions, picture-perfect beaches etc. The United States offers its own unique experiences, with a temperature that may range from hot and dry to cold and snowy.


Generally, the USA and Australia are the two most study destinations for international students. These two countries compete head-to-head due to their excellent teaching methods resulting in outstanding graduates. The locals are kind and friendly, the cost of living is low, and the opportunities for further education are unparalleled.

In this post, we have ensured that the puzzle of The United States Vs Australia: Which Is The Best Place To Study is solved. Nevertheless, the one going to any of these countries to study is you, so it is up to you to choose the best country for your study abroad experience. Make the most of it and enjoy yourself no matter what you decide.

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