Statement of Purpose For Accounting [Sample Included]

In case you have been in the search for a sample Statement of Purpose for Accounting or SOP Accounting then your search is over. A statement of Purpose for Accounting is a prerequisite for getting admission to study Master’s in Accounting in all Universities.

These graduate Universities require a Statement of Purpose (SOP) Essay in order to determine if these applicants meet up with the intellectual and composition writing requirements. This also gives the school adequate information about the candidate’s previous education, academic experience and social interests in relation to the program goals and objectives.

Amongst the major documents required to study MSc in Accounting such as transcript of records, GRE scores, the statement of purpose gives comprehensive information about every candidate. Studying Accounting can be hard at times but with a good statement of purpose in accounting, you can let the examiners or admission committee know that you have what it takes to succeed in any given accounting career of your choice.

If you study accounting, you can work in any of these sectors and be rest assured of a good pay package. This is why you have to make your SOP in Accounting as convincing as possible.

Recommendations For Writing A Statement Of Purpose For Accounting

When writing an SOP for accounting, you must recognize the following guidelines. We have made these recommendations for writing a statement of purpose for accounting to guide you compose an exquisite essay.

  • Your name (data) is part of the application information you submitted already, therefore it is not compulsory to include your name in the SOP for accounting. But if it is requested that you add it to the essay, please do so.
  • Look out for the specific details/information requested by the institution. This information may include your name as stated above. Provide all necessary information that the school might request and add them where and how you are instructed to do so. Please ensure strict adherence to these instructions.
  • Be mindful of your punctuations, put in ‘commas’, ‘full stops’, etc., where necessary. This is because, as your documents stated that you met the minimum language requirements, you have to prove it through your essay. Your Statement of Purpose for accounting could serve as a way to examine your communication and writing skills.
  • You may have no room for a face-to-face interview with the admission committee, therefore showing that you have an in-depth knowledge of accounting. This way you make yourself stand out amongst all other applicants.
  • Carry out every necessary research about accounting, and make known how your background in accounting can spur you to greater heights and contribute to the growth of the university.
  • Never forget, your motivation, passion and intention must align with this course and hence demonstrate how you intend to impact positively the society through the knowledge you acquire after your study. You can as well emphasize a pressing need/problem you intend to solve with the acquired knowledge.
  • Ensure you note down how this field of study will help you in your chosen career path

With a good statement of purpose in accounting and we believe that if you follow these guidelines, you will be given admission. A convincing statement of purpose for Accounting can help you to get a fully-funded scholarship in the University of your choice especially the top medical schools in the US

What Is The Format For A Statement Of Purpose?

By using the following formats, you will get yourself a wonderful SOP in Accounting that is capable of landing you admission to study Masters in Accounting. Use the following format for writing a Statement of Purpose for Accounting

  • Standard 8″ x 11″ white paper
  • Double-spaced text
  • 1″ margins, all sides
  • Times New Roman font, 12 pt
  • Block Paragraph, not an indented paragraph.
  • Justify all documents

Where Can I Study Accounting?

The following popular schools offer full-time accounting programs and you can choose from any of them. They include;

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Texas
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • University of Maryland
  • Depaul University.
  • University of Houston
  • George Mason University and
  • University at Buffalo

Each of these universities has higher criteria to gain admission for an accounting degree. Also is the University of Glasgow outside the US. Without a convincing statement of purpose, your scholarship application may be rejected, so make it count!

How to write a good Statement of Purpose SOP Accounting

The following steps are how to write a convincing statement of purpose for accounting.

  • Make your plans ahead and put up a list of everything you want to include in your personal statement for accounting. Enlist your strongest points and do away with the weak points in order to add to your chances of getting selected. You can possibly make an outline to guide you in writing your SOP for accounting.
  • Make several drafts for your statement of purpose. Read the first draft slowly and thoroughly to crosscheck for errors and also revise its details. Then make another draft and go through the same processes again. This time for clarity of purpose. You can make as many drafts as possible. In most cases, about four to seven drafts will likely give you a conviction.
  • Consult reviews to review your statement of purpose for accounting. Your reviewers may be your teachers, colleagues, friends or authority in accounting or the English language. Ensure you collect feedback from them and use this feedback to make corrections.
  • Now be your own reviewer. Readout your essay to observe errors more easily when you hear them. This way, you can catch errors easily when you hear them. When you have successfully completed your final draft of your statement of purpose for accounting, keep it for a few days and then come back to review it again before finally submitting it.
  • Be optimistic about your statement of purpose. Use it to pass across your thoughts and voice about your desire to study accounting and convince the admission review committee.

When writing a statement of purpose, you must try as much as possible to eliminate grammatical errors. Make your essay as concise as possible and avoid repetition of words, discuss what is important and use paragraphs instead of subheadings.

Do not miss these:

Tailored Paragraphs We Suggest For Writing An SOP For Accounting.

In writing a statement of purpose for accounting, using the following paragraphing order to arrange your essay will help you make a concise and straight to the point SOP. This way you

First Paragraph – Introduction

This is usually an introductory paragraph and includes your thesis statement which is the central message of your whole statement of purpose. In this paragraph, you indicate the type of degree you intend to pursue. Make it known why you choose to study accounting and how studying accounting will enable you to meet your career goals.

This paragraph is not for personal introduction remember, it is rather a preamble to the entire content of the SOP. Discuss your reasons for choosing to study accounting and how the knowledge you will gain in the long run can contribute to the field. Normally this paragraph takes about 2 – 4 sentences.

Second Paragraph of SOP for Accounting

This paragraph addresses your interests, what you have achieved or done so far with regards to academics. This includes your academic experiences, research and publications. Also, state your experience in accounting.

Include your working experiences and the skills you have got that align to accounting. This serves as a way of establishing that you possess the required strength to study accounting despite the difficulties many say accounting is associated with. Remember to use professional languages related to accounting to convey this information.

This information can be contained in about two or three short sentences.

Paragraph Three

The third paragraph is to contain your knowledge of the course (accounting) you wish to study in detail. You plan for the future when you finally get the degree. You can also add relevant details about your recent honours, awards, promotions etc.

Paragraph Four of Statement of Purpose for Accounting

This paragraph is where you answer the necessary questions that will make the admission committee see reasons why you should be admitted to study accounting. Here you answer the “5W H” questions – Why, Where, Which, When, Who and How.

Answers to questions such as “Why this course/program? Why this institution/university? When do you intend to start? Where do you intend to stay? How do you intend to cope? And so many more. These questions may not be asked directly, but be sure to answer them indirectly in your essay too.

Paragraph Five – Short-term and Long-term Career Goals

In your short-term goals state when you expect to finish your study and what you want to be doing while the program lasts. After this comes the long term goals – which involves where you envisage yourself to be after your studies. This includes your plans for the next 3-10 years after your studies.

You can as well state if you would wish to continue your studies to PhD level or quit to establish other aspects of your life. You can as well let them know your career goals as an accountant.

Remember to state categorically in your essay that you have no intention to stay in the country beyond your study years. This way they know your plans to come back to your home country and apply the knowledge gained through your studies in developing your home country.

Final/Closing Paragraph

The last paragraph is a very crucial one.  It should be an avenue for you to reiterate your thesis statement and the possible impacts your graduate degree will play on your chosen career. Explain how the graduate program will enhance your portfolio.

In this paragraph, you should sound focused and ever ready to face all the challenges that come with studying accounting.

What You Must Not Do when writing an SOP for Accounting

  • Never copy a statement of purpose from the Internet, such level of plagiarism violates all sense of academic integrity.
  • Do not copy another person’s statement of purpose. This is also plagiarism and it violates all forms of academic integrity.
  • Never make your statement of purpose too long so the reader doesn’t get tired. Remember he has other applicants’ own to read too. He may discard yours if it is too lengthy.
  • Don’t use vocabulary you cannot comprehend or understand.
  • Do not complain or overstress a particular point.
  • Ensure you do not use quotes unless they are absolutely necessary for conveying your main idea and be sure to cite the author or source of the quote.

Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) For M.A. in Accounting

As the rate of financial activities carried out globally has skyrocketed at a geometrical rate, accounting is therefore an inexhaustible area of life today. It is no surprise that now due to the rate of civilization, financial transactions are not necessarily required to be carried out in the banks only. Now, technology has made it easier that one can carry out financial transactions right in the comfort of his room. Nevertheless, the bankers work behind closed doors to ensure that these transactions are carried out without hitches. This is where the role of an accountant comes to play.

As an Alumnus of the prestigious University of …, … (name of university, country) I graduated from the department of accounting with distinction and as one of the best three graduating students in 2017. With this, I got the rare opportunity to work with XYZ Bank which is one of the leading banks in …. (name your country) as a desk officer (teller). This exposed me to practical knowledge of most of the undergraduate courses I learned back at the university.

As a desk officer, I had the opportunity to balance different types of accounts, review and make audits as well as make necessary inputs towards a healthy customer–staff relationship on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This opportunity with XYZ Bank also exposed me to realize how vital and sensitive data is and how dangerous it can be if made vulnerable. These have prompted me to seek this opportunity to advance my carrier/studies in your prestigious university.

I come from an average family in the ….. (region/state) in …… (country) and my country having insufficient technical resources and the required manpower to bring the accounting sector to a more secured and reputable state, I have chosen to further my studies to help achieve these in my country. Having made thorough research about the best institutions to carry out my master’s studies, I came across ….. (Name of the school you intend to study). Equipped with efficient professors and a friendly academic environment suitable for studying accounting, the University of …. (name of the school) is the place to be. I have also heard the testimonies of some of the alumni of the school such as…, …. and …. and the waves they are making in the accounting and banking sectors, and this motivated me to choose the University of …. as the place to be.

Having studied the course curriculum and outline, I came to the conclusion that the Masters of Arts in Accounting at the University of …. is particularly tailored for my needs. I was particularly inspired by an article I read on Research Gate by Prof Constantino of the accounting department of your school which emphasized the need to train accountants further in order to combat fraudulent activities in the banking/accounting and other related sectors. After my Master’s studies, and have gained the necessary knowledge and skills I would return to my home country to unite with groups of like minds to ensure that the banking sector in my country is revitalized completely.

With my unending desire for knowledge and the motivation to learn and improve myself, I honestly believe that my academic background coupled with my skills and work experience will suit and adapt to the necessary conditions and training. Hence this training will enable me to develop into a successful and revered accountant after my association with this prestigious university.


Statement of purpose is a prerequisite for gaining admission to study any course at the postgraduate level be it Masters or Doctoral and even Post-Doctoral studies. The SOP is a summary of your academic sojourn so far and a look into your academic future. It requires carefulness and calmness when constructing and that is why we have written out these guidelines to help you achieve this. The above sample presented in this post does not in any way serve as a complete SOP for accounting, but rather a template for you to develop yours.

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