10 Best Paying Degrees For International Students In The USA

Because of some of the highest paying degrees for international students in the USA, it is no surprise that the United States is the top choice for international students to study. Opportunities abound for international graduates to remain in the United States and find gainful employment. Those who are very fortunate may even land the best paying jobs available for international students.

STEM degrees Jobs have been recognized as some of the best paying Degrees for Int’l students in the USA and as such, having a degree in a STEM-related subject, for example, may increase your chances of landing a high-paying job in the United States. Women in the STEM fields are not exempted either as there are many STEM Majors for Women.

As an International student in the USA, it’s important to give careful consideration to the major you choose. A “good” major allows students to hone their talents while also giving opportunities for development and financial security. This is why in this post, we are going to list the 10 highest paying majors for international students in the USA. This post will guide you in making your choice of the best paying degrees in the United States.

Highest Paying Majors For International Students In The USA – 10 Degrees To Consider

Best Paying Degrees For International Students In The USA

#1. Operation Research – Average Salary $112,000

Operations research, a field that involves the utilisation of mathematical techniques to assess and enhance a company’s operational efficiency, is associated with the most lucrative early-career earnings, with an average annual salary of slightly exceeding $112,000. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the number of employment opportunities available for operations research analysts is currently limited to 104,200. However, it is anticipated that this occupational sector will experience a growth rate of 23% over this decade, surpassing the average rate of growth in other fields.

#2. Pharmacology – Average Salary – $110,000

Another major that could lead to getting the highest-paid jobs in the United States is pharmacology. Pharmacology, an essential discipline within the pharmaceutical sector, is dedicated to the examination of drug mechanisms and entails the interconnected field of Toxicology. The United States is renowned for its notable standing in this field, and numerous educational institutions provide extensive curricula for individuals striving to become pharmacologists.

#3. Economics – Average Salary $105,000

Obtaining a degree in economics provides individuals with the necessary skills to analyse human behaviour and its associated patterns through the utilisation of statistical and mathematical techniques. The field of economics seeks to elucidate the patterns and dynamics of human behaviour, decision-making processes, and responses in the face of challenging circumstances. Economics is one of the best degrees for international students in the States and as an interdisciplinary field, it also delves into:

#4. Computer Science – Average Salary: $108,000

Computer science is considered to be a highly paying major, as evidenced by its inclusion on our list of best paying degrees for international students. With the growing interconnectedness of the global landscape, there is an escalating demand for computer science professionals within the business sector. This means that it is a financially rewarding degree.

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With any specialization in the field of computer science, international graduates can get the best paying jobs in the USA. Here are some of the best paying computer Science fields you may choose to specialize in.

#5. Electrical Engineering – Average Salary $108,000

Obtaining a degree in electrical engineering provides individuals with comprehensive knowledge of the industry, as well as the necessary skills and technical expertise to effectively design, evaluate, and enhance systems.

Generally, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) are two interchangeable disciplines because these fields of study make use of mathematical and technological foundations and have an impact on societal interaction, but in distinct ways. While Computer scientists are responsible for the development of software programmes, including web browsers and artificial intelligence, Electrical engineers are responsible for the development and design of tangible technological devices, including electronic motors and radar systems.

#6. Physician Assistant Studies – Average Salary $95,000

Physician Assistants (PAs) fulfil a crucial role in the healthcare industry by providing patient care and offering support to their respective healthcare teams across various medical functions and practises. The individuals, in conjunction with other personnel within the healthcare sector, demonstrate a strong commitment to enhancing the availability of healthcare services and effecting positive changes in the field of health and wellness.

#7. Petroleum Engineering – Average Salary $93,000

Petroleum Engineering is an academic discipline that has a longstanding connection to the oil industry in the United States. This field of study provides graduates with a stable financial outlook and an opportunity to make significant contributions to the expansive global petroleum sector. Petroleum engineering is one of the best paying degrees in the United States and also one of the highest paying majors in the world.

#8. Accounting/Finance – Average Salary $78,000

Obtaining a degree in Accounting could be said to be a difficult task but it will provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in financial reporting, analytical thinking, problem-solving and financial prudence. Hence it improves your employability prowess and also earns you a higher income. An accounting/finance degree is one of the high-paying majors in the USA. Read our dedicated topic on the different types of jobs you can do with an accounting major below.

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#9. Industrial Engineering/Management – Average Salary $75,000

This is another degree that is ranked among the highest paying degrees for international students in America. The field of industrial engineering focuses on the development of processes that are characterised by enhanced safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. A degree in these fields offers various opportunities for employment across diverse industries, such as manufacturing, communications, transportation, finance, entertainment, military, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

#10. Basic Sciences ( Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) – Average Salary $70,000

The pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in the basic sciences (mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) has the potential to yield a fulfilling professional trajectory across diverse sectors such as education, research, and engineering. These majors present a compelling choice for individuals who possess an interest in these domains, given its notable average salary. Although they may not meet the major fantasies that come with becoming a physician or surgeon, they are among the best earning majors in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Is The Highest Paying Jobs In USA?

Studying any of the majors mentioned above can land you one of the highest paying jobs in the USA as an international student. But here is the list of the highest paying jobs in the USA for international students who wish to study in the USA

  • Health and Medical Preparatory
  • Petroleum Engineering           
  • Zoology
  • Pharmacology
  • Economics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Actuarial Science
  • Engineering and Industrial Management
  • Engineering Mechanics, Physics and Science
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Materials engineering 

The above are the best degree programs with high salaries for international students. They can also be classified as the top-earning degrees for career success.

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