The Cameron Impact Scholarship Program

This is an opportunity to impact the lives of young talented and outstanding scholars as the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship program dolls out its annual scholarship. This yearly scholarship is sponsored by the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation.

The Cameron Impact Scholarship is an undergraduate scholarship that covers a four-year, complete free tuition. It is an opportunity awarded yearly to about 10 – 15 students with exceptional performances at high school. The Cameron Impact Scholarship is given to these students because of their excellent performances in academic, extracurricular activities, community services and leadership skills.


It is an opportunity for these outstanding students to up their aspirations of contributing to positive forces so as to impact their communities and the world at large positively. They do this by capitalising on this opportunity to complete their education. The Cameron Impact Scholarship programme not only covers full-tuition fees. It also covers the books the students will use at any United State based accredited College or University of his/her choice.

This is a great opportunity for young college leavers who wish to undertake a fully-funded scholarship. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria listed below are encouraged to apply for the Cameron Impact Scholarship programme.


About The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation was established in 2015 as a private family foundation to make a difference through investments in young minds. The founder Bryan Cameron is a renowned asset manager whose recognition of his blessings has inspired him to reach out and touch lives.

Just as his studies were inspired and sponsored by others, he has made relentless efforts to ensure that others maximize their potentials. The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation is honoured to invest in exceptional students who are willing to continue the revolution of contribution towards the betterment of their communities and the world at large.

Benefits of the Cameron Impact Scholarship

The Cameron Impact Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program that covers a whole lot. Below is a summary of the Benefits the Cameron Impact Scholarship

  • It covers full tuition – this means that beneficiaries won’t pay a dime in school fees.
  • The Cameron Impact Scholarship also covers book fees – this means that all academic materials the students will use throughout the four-year study will be paid for by the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation.
  • The candidate gets the opportunity to study in any university of his/her choice in the United States.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Institutions

Only universities/Colleges in the United States of America. This means the applicants can only choose schools within the US and not outside the United States.

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Eligible Candidates

To be eligible for the Cameron Impact Scholarship in the US, the applicant must:

  • Be a full United States of America Citizen
  • Be graduating from high school in the year 2022.
  • Have a plan to enrol in a full-time degree study at any of the accredited Colleges/Universities in the US.
  • Maintain at least a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale or its equivalence in their high school studies.
  • Show proven excellence in extracurricular activities.
  • Be an inspired and motivated leader who has a strong work ethic
  • Have active participation in community development services (CDS) or civic areas.

Application Components

  • Online application
  • Letters of Recommendation (Must be two)
  • Transcript of Academic Records certifying the academic performance

NB: The following Application Components are compulsory and must be submitted to be considered for the scholarship award. They must be submitted on or before the Application Deadline.

Host Country

The United States

Eligible Country

The scholarship is open to the residents of the United States or US citizens only.

Visit The Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarship Eligibility Home for more Information

Number Scholarship Award

The scholarship is granted annually to just 10 – 15 high school graduating students.

Application Deadline

May 21st, 2021 (Time: 12 pm i.e. NOON) PT —- Early Application

September 10th, 2021 (Time: 12pm i.e. NOON) PT —- Final Application.

Mode of Allocation of Scholarships

¼ or about 25% of the scholarship is awarded to individuals pursuing careers in education, non-profits, government and/or military who have a stated professional goal of public service.

NB: Only 3000 applications will be reviewed, hence, applicants are advised to submit earlier before the deadline. The review will be on the premise of “First-Come-First-Serve”.

Method of Application

To successfully submit an application/apply for the Cameron Impact Scholarship, follow the following steps below:

  • Visit THE APPLICATION PORTAL to fill out the Application profile Form
  • Create login details (Username and Password)
  • Check your email to activate your account.
  • Then click on the “Applicant Login” at the bottom of the website
  • Complete your application and your essay, bearing in mind the word limit for the essay.
  • Upload your academic transcript. (You can either upload your recommendations and transcript on the online portal or email them directly to )

NB: Uploading these documents or Sending them via email must be done before the application deadline. There will be no extension of deadline dates.

·         REMINDER

Application Deadline

May 21st, 2021 (Time: 12 pm i.e. NOON) PT —- Early Application

September 10th, 2021 (Time: 12pm i.e. NOON) PT —- Final Application.

The Application System does not allow applicants to save and return later to edit their applications. Hence they are advised to save their responses in MS-Word or similar Programs to avoid loss of data.


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