The Best PR(Permanent Residency) Courses in Australia

Getting a permanent residency status in Australia is the desire of most students who travel to Australia to study. Then come the questions… What are the Best PR courses in Australia? Which courses can get me permanent residency in Australia? What courses should I study to get PR in Australia?

Australia is a go-to place for international students who wish to study abroad. Students from across the globe travel to study in Australia for one reason or the other. Australia is made up of a fascinating environment, diverse culture and conducive atmosphere, for these reasons, international students find it very attractive to live and work and also study there.

These and many more questions are what prompted us to discuss this topic The Best PR Courses in Australia. We are also giving you a detailed note on the best permanent residency courses in Australia. Below is the list of best PR courses in Australia.

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What Is PR/ What Does PR Mean?

PR is an acronym for Permanent Residence. PR can also mean Permanent Residency depending on the part of speech being used. It is a term used to describe a person who can reside/live in a country permanently where he/she doesn’t hold citizenship. This status allows him/her to travel into and out of the country at will even when he/she is not a citizen.

A person who gets a country’s PR can choose to reside in that country permanently without travelling to his/her home country again. This is the dream of most students who travel to study in Australia. This post will also serve as a guide to acquire permanent residency and become a permanent resident in Australia after studies. This is because we have made a list of The Best PR Courses in Australia.

Who is a PR(Permanent Resident) in Australia?

An Australian permanent resident or a permanent resident in Australia is a person who resides or lives in Australia and holds a permanent residency visa of Australia. As stated above, this Australian permanent resident does not have to be or must not be a citizen of Australia. He is entitled to remain permanently or indefinitely in Australia.

The permanent resident in most cases does not possess an Australian passport and cannot vote in federal or state elections. It is only those who registered to vote before 1984 that can vote in federal/state elections.

They are treated as citizens of Australia most times and this enables them to enjoy the same benefits as Australian citizens. These benefits include but are not limited to access to subsidized or free health care services, education as well as legal services.

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What Are The Benefits Of PR(Permanent Residence) In Australia?

Getting a permanent residence in Australia is the major desire of everyone who have lived in Australia. This is because getting a permanent residence status in Australia comes with so many benefits.

Here are The Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency). For these benefits, you may consider getting a permanent residency in Australia.

  1. Full-Time Working Rights

Getting a PR status in Australia is a guarantee to seek employment and be employed in any sector you are interested in. This is as long as you meet the basic requirements for such positions. You get no restrictions to work wherever you are qualified to work. In simple terms, getting a permanent residency in Australia puts you ahead for full-time employment.

  1. Unlimited Right to Live in Australia

This is the major benefit of permanent residency in Australia as all other benefits are embedded in it. Being a permanent resident of Australia means you can live in Australia for as long as you wish. In order words, you have no limit to how long you can live in Australia.

A permanent residence visa allows you to travel to and fro Australia at will with restrictions. This opportunity to live in Australia indefinitely is a privilege not so many enjoy.

  1. Easy Access to Student Loan

This is the primary benefit of PR (Permanent residence) in Australia for students who study in Australia. The ability to easily access student loans is a bargain for Australian Permanent Residents. They are given the privilege to access financial assistance on their study. The financial assistance comes through the Higher Education Loans Program (HELP)

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  1. Eligibility To Apply For Australian Citizenship

Australian Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship after staying for a period of time in Australia. Application for citizenship can be made by Australian PR who has lived for at least four to five years lawfully in Australia. This is one of the benefits of PR (permanent residence) in Australia.

  1. Access to Healthcare/Medical Benefits

The Benefits of PR (Permanent Residence) In Australia are numerous and this is one of them. As an Australian PR, you can access quality medical services. This comes with a guarantee of cheaper health insurance, zero treatment cost when you visit government/public hospitals. You can also access subsidized surgery fees when the need arises.

  1. Social Security (SSN) Benefits

Australia has a master program which is handled by Australia’s Social Security Department to ensure that your social welfare is taken care of. Hence, as a PR in Australia, social welfare aids associated with the students, sickness and unemployment are taken care of. These benefits can be extended to your family and loved ones.

  1. Sponsoring Members of Your Family

Persons with PR in Australia can sponsor their family members to also acquire permanent residence status in Australia. This can be achieved when the individual must have met the residence and support assurance pre-requisites.

  1. First Home Owner Grant

Another benefit of PR (Permanent Residence) In Australia is that you are qualified for a First Home Owner Grant worth over $5,000 once you signed your first house acquisition contract.

  1. Rise in Credit Rating/Easy Access to Loans

Your credit rating increases to a certain percentage at the acquisition of permanent residence in Canada. This Benefit of PR (Permanent Residence) In Australia helps you to be able to access different types of loans – home loans, credit cards, car loans, student loans etc. You also get approval easily for these loans.

  1. Citizenship Privilege for Australian PR Children

The benefits of Australian PR(Permanent Residency) is not just limited to you alone, it also extends to your children. Children born in Australia automatically become citizens by birth hence provisions are made for them. They enjoy The Benefits of Australian PR (Permanent Residency) as well in the areas of education and health care services.

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Why You Should Study PR Courses in Australia

There are over 10 reasons why international students choose to study in Australia. Australia is regarded as one of the best locations to study abroad. Others are USA and Canada leading in the ranking. Australia has numerous internship programs/opportunities which enable international students to excel in their chosen fields of study.

Apart from the good and conducive environment, it offers for international students, students who decide to work in Australia have many menial job opportunities awaiting them even while studying. Those who are through with their studies can as well look forward to many job opportunities because Australia has a rapidly improving economy. These are some of the many reasons why study PR courses in Australia

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There are different pathways to acquire PR permanent residency in Australia and students can take advantage of any of these routes to acquiring permanent residency status in Australia.

What are the Eligibility Criteria For Australia PR Application

Here we are going to answer the most underlying question in the heart of everyone who wishes to get an Australian PR. The question “What are the eligibility criteria for application to Australia PR”? Let us give a clear description of what makes one eligible to apply for Australia PR.

  • Point Requirement: The minimum point score under the point’s grid is 65. You must score at least 65points to be eligible to apply for Australia PR
  • Age Limit: The maximum age to apply for Australia PR is 45. Therefore you must be under 45years to be eligible to apply.
  • Language Proficiency: You must at least be certified competent in the English language to apply. That means in both written and oral expression of the English language, you must be sound.
  • Good State of Health: You are to be physically fit and healthy to apply and of good character.
  • Have a Nominated Occupation: To qualify to apply for Australia PR, your occupation/specialization must tally with those specified in Australia’s Occupation Lists. See Full List of Australia’s Occupation Lists Here
  • Skill Assessment: The relevant Australian authorities will assess your skill based on your academic qualifications and work experience.

What are the Ineligibility Criteria For Australia PR Application?

Having taken a look at what can qualify you for getting an Australia PR, now let us look at what can disqualify you from getting Australia PR. Inability to meet up with the above eligibility criteria can definitely disqualify one from getting a PR in Australia. Not only can those ones above, but some of these listed below also limit you from getting a PR in Australia.

Medical/Health Status Requirement:

In Australia, the government takes medical examinations very seriously to protect its territory from high health risks and as well limit the cost of health care maintenance systems. Serious concerns are shown towards the applicant’s health status. These areas listed below are considered very important factors to ascertain the applicant’s health status.

  • Hepatitis A, B and C
  • Tuberculosis
  • Mental fitness etc.

Candidates who fail to pass any of the above tests may be denied Australian Visa and Australian Permanent Residency.

Character Requirement:

Migrating to Australia requires the applicant to prove that he is of good character and the same applies to getting an Australian PR status. Before Visa is granted, the applicant’s character is routinely checked, this is part of the prerequisites for granting an applicant visa.

Apart from checking if the applicant is of good character, his/her criminal record is also ascertained. This is done regardless of how small the record is or how long it was.

However, an applicant may be denied Australian Permanent Resident status if He/She;

  • cannot be ascertained to be of good character.
  • has a pre-existing criminal record that is substantial.
  • has in any way associated with the person(s), group or organization with a proven record of criminal conduct.
  • is deemed to pose danger in any way at all to the Australian community.

These factors are considered ineligibility criteria for Australia PR application and applicants should at all costs avoid being found in any of these vices.

How Can I Get PR In Australia By Its Courses?

How to Get PR in Australia by Its Courses

In this part of this post, we will answer the question, how can I get PR in Australia by its courses? There are some basic points to note about the courses that will get you a PR in Australia. They include:

  • Australian Study Requirements

Generally, meeting the Australian study requirements involves studying in Australia for a minimum of 24 months i.e., 2years. This way, you can be able to be considered for the Australian PR on the grounds of study requirements. In some cases, this number of years vary owing to the course of study or level of study.

  • ANZSCO Job Description Requirements

It is important to ensure that the occupation you choose meets the ANZSCO job description. In this regard, check which job suits a study field and at what level (higher education or vocational) can it be studied. Google may be a good fit to help you get the answers you need and clarification.

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  • Apply for PSWV 485 Visa within Six Months

The Visa application should be done within the first 6 months of completion of your studies in Australia.

  • CRICOS Approved Study Program

If you have asked the question, how can I get PR in Australia by its courses? Then ensure your course of study is on the CRICOS list of courses when applying.

Which Courses are Eligible for PR in Australia?

Deciding to be an international student in Australia is a good choice, this is because it is a country with so many prospects. If as an international student you wish to settle in Australia on the grounds of PR, through course eligibility, then pay attention. You will need to choose a course that offers good permanent resident rights.

It is pertinent to ensure that you choose wisely, in any case, your course should match the occupations on the skill shortage lists. This means that in as much as you need to know which courses are eligible for PR in Australia, you should also check if there are a shortage of skilled labourers in this course in Australia. This will increase your chances of getting PR in Australia.

Here are the courses eligible for PR in Australia.

PROs and CONs of Australian PR(Permanent Residency)

As stated earlier, Australian Permanent Residency (Australian PR) Visa is a special category of visa that allows immigrants to live and work in Australia and also gain welfare in the country without being citizens of Australia.

It is an appealing category of visa for non-Australians who love their country of origin but prefer to live in Australia. It is also an opportunity for migrants who find studying for the citizenship test a big hassle. With this PR, migrants can proudly carry their birth citizenship fanning their country of origin and at the same time enjoying what they see as superior life in Australia.

Disadvantages of Australian PR(Permanent Residency).

In as much as Australia PR is an attractive achievement, it also comes with some disadvantages. Having stated the advantages above, let us look at most of the predominant disadvantages of Australian PR(Permanent Residency).

  1. Disenfranchisement

Permanent resident of Australia lacks the right to vote. Although public voting is opposed by many Australians, the right to vote is not given to permanent residents. Hence permanent residents have no right to interfere in whatsoever way with the leadership of Australia.

  1. Inability To Work In Public Service

Australian PR (Permanent Residents) are not allowed to work in public service, although they can work in private establishments.

  1. PRs Are Prone To Deportation

Australian PR (Permanent Residents) are prone to be deported if they break the law in Australia. Although this has not been how it was in the past, expedient laws are being made to keep the sanity of Permanent Residents of Australia in check. So in order to avoid deportation for an offence, you may consider unworthy of deportation, then consider taking up citizenship.

  1. Australian PR(Permanent Residents) Cannot get Australian Passport

Since a country’s passport is meant for its citizens only, getting an Australian passport is a nay for permanent residents in Australia. This is a challenge for persons who wish to travel within and out of Australia because Australian passport holders do not need Visas.

There is consular assistance for passport holders and Australia has reciprocal work arrangements with many countries. Hence passport holders can also work in other countries. This is not so for just permanent residents.

  1. Upfront Payment of Tuition Fees

Permanent residents are required to pay their university school fees upfront. Of course, this is a problem for migrants who are not financially equipped. They are forced to take up students’ loans that they will have to sweat to pay back.

The above-mentioned CONs of Australian PR (Permanent Residency) will never be a problem for immigrants who law-abiding migrants. The only reason for which they may consider picking up citizenship would be to express allegiance and loyalty to the country they have chosen to make their home.

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List Of PR(Permanent Residence) In Australia with Salary                                  

Below is the list of PR courses in Australia with details of the average salary

  • Medical courses
  • Accounting
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Education and Teaching
  • Social work
  • Automotive
  • Trade Qualifications
  1. Medical Courses

The choice of studying medical degree courses in Australia is really a ‘lucrative’ field of study. It pays well due to the huge demand for medical/healthcare professionals in Australia. Just like in the USA, Canada and the UK, the Australian healthcare industry really requires capable hands and is in dire need of these professionals.

Getting a medical degree with specialty/specialization in Physiotherapy, Neurosurgery, Gynaecology and Paediatrics, Orthopaedics and Prosthetics, Dermatology, Radiology/Radiography and Medical Imaging, Oncology, Urology and General medicine is an added advantage. These fields are the most sought after positions in medicine.

The average salary of a medical professional in Australia varies according to specialty

  • The Physiotherapist earns about AU$67,891 annually
  • The Neurosurgeon earns about AU$292,663 annually

This is why medical studies top the List of PR(Permanent Residence) courses in Australia. See details of other Health Care Practitioner/Professionals pay HERE

  1. Accounting

In Australia, accounting is one of the fastest-growing occupations. There are so many job opportunities in the accounting profession in Australia. This is one reason international students choose to study accounting in Australia. The average salary of an accountant in Australia is estimated at AU$59,344 according to Payscale.

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  1. Nursing

In Australia, the healthcare industry is one of the most booming sectors. It is one of the top destinations in the world when it comes to healthcare services and nursing is considered one of the most interesting occupations/professions.

There are different nursing specialties to choose from in Australia and they include

  • Nurse (Surgical, Community Health, Mental Health)
  • Clinical Nurse – Estimated pay is AU$45.28 hourly
  • Nursing Director – Estimated pay is AU$120.121 hourly

It is reported that by the end of this decade, there will be a need of over 120,000 nurses in Australia.

  1. Engineering

There is a need for a large number of engineers in Australia and international students to take advantage of this opportunity to get PR. In the list of PR(Permanent Residence) courses In Australia, Engineering is enlisted because an Engineering degree opens up several employment vacancies for international students. Thereby, increasing their chance of getting PR(Permanent Residency) in Australia.

There are many branches of Engineering to specialize in and they include;

The list of Engineering PR(Permanent Residence) courses in Australia is numerous. The engineering degree holders can work and live in Australia. An Engineer in Australia earns an average of AU$66,000 annually.

  1. Computer and Information Technology

Computer science degrees and Information Technology (IT) professionals are in high demand in most developed countries. They work to ensure that the country’s database remains intact. Many different courses in Computer and Information technology are offered in many Australian Universities.

These courses include;

  • Computer Network and System
  • Database Management
  • System Analysis
  • Application Software Development etc.

International students who study these courses are equipped with better career prospects and getting their Australian PR status is faster. Their annual salaries are dependent on the sector they find themselves working in. Those in banking, hospitality and tourism, cable and media earn better than others.

On average, a Software Engineer earns about AU$79,535 annually.

An IT Manager earns about AU$105,287 annually

  1. Education and Teaching

The quality of education offered in Australia has made it one of the most sought after destinations for international students to study. International students who have completed their courses in the field of education and teaching can apply for Permanent Residency(PR) in Australia if they so wish.

Their training in education and teaching prepares them for careers in different fields as;

  • Primary and (Secondary) Post-primary School teachers
  • Vocational Education teacher
  • English teacher for Non-native speakers.
  • College/University Lecturers etc.

On average, a Primary school teacher earns about AU$70,494 in Australia while Secondary School teachers earn about AU$73,614. The University lecture earns at least AU$180,000 annually.

  1. Social Services

This is one of the sectors that increases the chances of Australian PR. For social services courses to appear on the list of PR courses in Australia means that these courses are inviting students from across the world into Australia. People who chose to study these courses mostly work with charity organisations in helping unprivileged persons.

Courses in this line of study include

  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • Health and welfare services etc.

These people who study these courses can work as

  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Community Relations Manager
  • Social Worker (MSW)
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Life Coach

They are paid handsomely and earn above AU$60,000 annually.

  1. Trade Qualifications

In Australia, there are many courses that are in-demand and they do not require a degree to learn and practice. Most of these courses are also offered in Australian varsities and lead to jobs such as

  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Welding
  • Furniture making etc.

Read Full details about these courses In-Demand Jobs That Do Not Require A Bachelor’s Degree In The Next Decade. The trade qualification courses is another way to get Australian PR(permanent residency) faster.

  1. Automotive

International students who study automotive courses have enough opportunities, especially those who have an undying interest in motor vehicle repairs. Auto mechanics and auto electricians are in high demand because cars are used on daily basis in Australia.

The automotive industry in Australia presents international students with numerous options to choose from when it comes to job availability. This is why most international students use this medium as a sure bet to getting an Australian permanent residency status.

The available jobs in this field include but are not limited to;

  • Motor Mechanic
  • Diesel Motor Mechanic
  • Motorcycle Mechanic
  • Automotive Electrician etc.

Their annual salary is above AU$70,000 depending on the area of specialization.


Australia hosts so many institutions and at the same time presents international students with numerous job opportunities. These are amongst the reasons why getting an Australian PR is considered by non-citizens of Australia who visit Australia. The standard of living seen in Australia is top-notch when compared to what is attainable elsewhere.

These and many more reasons are why we have put down this post to help you understand better what is required to get an Australian PR.

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